While You're Watching TV, Macrame a Necklace Using a Cool Button or Medallion

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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Pick a cool medallion.
Fold two pieces of waxed cord in half, and poke the loop through the hole in the medallion. I started with 2-yard lengths because Im not sure how long Im going to make my necklace and I wanted to have enough cord.
Thread two additional pieces through the loop and fold in half.
Tie a square knot.
Switch two strands on the left with two on the right—I find that this allows the medallion to hang without twisting.
To start making a spiral chain, make an L with the left cord over the two center cords.
Bring the right cord under the intersection of the left and center cords and come up through the center of the L.
Pull the knot tight and snug against the original knot.
Continue making this knot and watch the spiral grow!
Pick a cool medallion.

Pick a cool medallion.

Photo: Jen Stern

I used to macrame with my dad when I was little. My dad was really into it; we had jute and nylon plant hangers holding all sorts of potted plants on the deck and in the windows. I was fascinated...instead of asking for help to learn how to make those knots, I stole away to my room with a book that had diagrams. I can still remember spending the whole day on the floor with a pin board, a pile of T pins, and some cord. My first effort was a string of very loose knots that looked just like the diagrams before they were tightened up. I can still remember how psyched I was that I figured out how to make them by myself. With a little help from my dad, I learned how to snug each new knot up against the previous one to create either a spiral or a flat chain. I was hooked! Of course, after a while, I lost interest and moved on to other stuff. I had completely forgotten about macrame until the other day when I was standing in line at the grocery store. I noticed that the cashier was wearing a very cool choker. It was a medallion suspended from a chain of knotted cord—the very same spiral chain that I learned to make with my dad!

Later, when I was visiting a friend, I told her the story of the choker and how it reminded me of my dad. Being her wonderful self, she rummaged through her stash of buttons and such and found a medallion that was similar to the one I had seen. I felt like it was meant to be...I was going to give macrame another try! I've taken step-by-step photos of how to make a spiral chain....and I'll post the finished necklace tomorrow. If you are intrigued and want to give it a try yourself, all you need is a large button or medallion and some cord. I used waxed hemp cord. Visit the Macrame Superstore for Hippie Hemp—cord that's great for jewelry making. Be sure to check out the hole on your button or medallion to make sure you can get the cord through the hole...if it's too small, you could always use some sort of metal finding first. The only other thing you need is a work surface that you can secure the chain to. I am working on a cut n' press board that I can pin the chain to. Otherwise you can use masking tape to hold the medallion or button in place to make it easier to tighten the knots that make up the chain.

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