Straightening v/s Rolling

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When it comes to hairstyling this dilemma is sure to attack the mind of every girl. Every hairstyle is different and suits to a different frame of faces. Some girls naturally have straight or curly hair. There are benefits of both. Straight hair looks gorgeous on many occasions; it gives a classy and elegant look. On the flip side, voluminous rolls give a fluffy and charming look.It totally depends on you that which hairstyle you want to carry. In the roller set, you can vary the depth of curls (there are many tools for the same), but straight hair is straight. I guess I am not confusing you, let us explore the benefits individually.

Pros of Straight hair look

Straight hair is always in trend, it gives an elegant and classy look. Straight hair reflects more light and gives the illusion of a smooth and shiny surface. This look goes with any dress, ethnic, western, etc. You just need a flat iron to get straight hair. If you don't want to play much with your hair, go for straightening. There is one more benefit in straightening; you can easily pick any hairstyle without messing it up. Any hairstyle stays for a longer time in straight hair. You will cut out frizz and messy look with straightening.

You can feel free with straight hair during the whole event as you will be free from any kind of pain from hair clips and bun. Many girls feel heavy with a bun on their head and can handle that style for two to three hours. So, if you belong to this category and going to attend a long day function, I would suggest open straight hair.

Cons of Straight hair-

Though straight hair never gets a back seat in trend, it could be a little boring. Girls who like experimenting with hair may not prefer this style. Straight hair lacks volume, if you already have thick hair, go for straightening. I don't think straight hair with low volume can work. Though you can use hair sprays to add volume, for a whole day function, you may have to use it multiple times.

Pros of Rolling-

Roller setting doesn't involve heat application, so you can avoid heat damage. But it is your choice to go for a roller setting or using heat rollers. Rolling gives beautiful and voluminous curls. You can get well-defined curls. Girls who lack volume can go for a roller setting because it gives fluffy and bouncy hair.

Hair rollers come in various shapes, so you can try them out and chose the best for yourself. You have a variety to choose from deep curls to less wavy. Among the crowd of girls with straight hair, you can stand out with curly hair.

Cons of Hair Rolling-

It is obvious that rolling will reduce the hair length if you are ok with it, awesome otherwise this is a bad choice. Another demerit is detangling, you can really mess it up. After getting the curls, flaunting at the party, detangling is the most painful process.

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