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 Do you have your own small business? Urgently need money? Then you are our customer. Our objective is to make the process of getting funding easy, accessible and clear so our customers can concentrate on what's really important - the evolution of their business. We consider all applications - without any limits on the quantity of revenue or the duration of the business enterprise. 

 There are a number of ways to get seed money for smaller companies: Loans from relatives and friends; loans from people; bank accounts for various entrepreneurs to start a business from scratch; franchising; financing by a non-bank bank (microfinance institution). Every one these methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

 Borrowing money from friends or relatives, you get funds without interest and without collateral, you've the opportunity to agree on a postponement of return, the return of little parts so far as you can. This is tempting. But Firstly, the family members might not have the necessary amount of money, and secondly, it frequently occurs that the financial issues can lead to discord and total collapse of seemingly unshakeable connections between the nearest and dearest. Consider it, is it worth the risk?

 A loan from a private individual is an opportunity to acquire money fast and in considerable quantities. Nonetheless, this is full of high-interest rates, exorbitant fines for minor violations and the danger of losing the security. Are you ready to put yourself and your household at risk?

 Once you apply to the bank to start a loan to a small organization, you draw an official agreement, consider all options for repayment, the number of overpayments, further conditions, etc.. This is undoubtedly a much more civilized way. However, the chance of the bank's refusal to issue a loan to start a business from scratch is rather great, and the issue can be solved for quite a while.

 Beginning a business under a franchise is a extremely common alternative for a beginner entrepreneur. The option to pay for the right to start a business under the security of a renowned brand suggests numerous benefits: Quick promotion as a result of the utilization of a well-known brand that has gained the trust of consumers; Training and support for its franchisor (an agency provider);Minimal dangers, since the franchisor interested on your advertising can help to pick the best ways and technology.

 The most lucrative franchises are in the development of branded sales system, catering facilities, promotion of a wholesome lifestyle (fitness rooms, spas, etc.), food production, financial and other services. A franchise can be given by a financial institution. The key drawbacks of franchising company are the demand for complete compliance with all the franchisor's requirements (otherwise, it has the right to complete the contract with you); allocation of some large proportion of earnings to the franchisor; almost complete absence of room for movement, initiative, and imagination.

 Applying to microfinance organizations (MFIs) makes it possible to have a loan to start a company from scratch with no collateral. There's a good chance that a loan may be accepted with a minimal of files, even in the event the credit history is bad. Typically, however, MFIs offer relatively small amounts (maximum - 15,000 hryvnias) for a brief period of time and at sufficiently high-interest prices.


Hello, my name is Denise. I will finance you if you want to know more about an expansion loan, please contact us at 67cash and we will assist you. We supply loans, with no security and sureties, such as purchasing goods or equipment, business development or growth, leasing payment, repair of vehicles, premises or equipment, launching of a sales outlet, another needs of your organization.

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