Janome DC2015 is a quality computerized sewing machine.

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From 2010 to 2015, every year Janome came with a DC series machine with the year as a model number. All DC series machines were of good quality, high-performance machines and received very good comments from users. This may be the reason why they got used to implementing a new model every year with the year as a model number. The difference between the models was limited to color schemes and a couple of minor features.

In 2015, Janome tried something different. Janome DC2015 is the most exclusive of all DC series machines. It comes in bright red and there are also some important changes in the features. DC2015 has 60 built-in stitches, including 6 one-step buttonholes (remember that DC2014 had only 50 built-in stitches and 3 one-step buttonholes). DC2015 is a complete computerized sewing machine. There are many changes compared to other DC machines. The LED display has enlarged and the stitch navigation button has changed. The work space on this machine is quite impressive, it measures 6.2 "x 4.7".

The machine comes with an automatic threader to easily thread. The upper bobbin with transparent cover is good for monitoring the supply of wire. The reverse sewing button, although small for my liking, is conveniently located. Thread tension is automatic but can be overridden with the dial. The maximum stitch width is 7 mm, which is quite good for a machine in this segment. The maximum stitch length is 5 mm. The feeding system is 7 points, which is really good to guarantee a constant stitch quality.

Janome DC2015 features a programmable button to raise/lower the needle. This is essential for quilters. You can change the position of the needle to the up / down position to pivot or other things. The machine is a free-arm and convertible drop feed. There are a total of 15 needle positions available on this machine. There is an easy-to-use dedicated lock stitch button, with which you can lock the stitches at the beginning and end with the press of a button.

Due to the quality of the plastic and the fact that the interior frame of Janome DC2015 is made of metal, the machine is a bit heavier. It weighs 18.2 pounds. This is good since it increases the stability and durability of the machine. An extra high presser foot lifter offers more free space while working with multiple layers of fabric. Presser foot pressure can be adjusted manually. A manual thread cutter is also provided on the side of the machine.

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Easy to use

Like all other machines in the DC series, Janome DC2015 is an excellent interpreter. It also has the luxury of a few additional stitches compared to previous models. The operation is quite quiet. Even impressive is its performance with denim. He doesn't seem to have problems, even if you throw 6 layers of denim. The stitch quality on elastic and lightweight fabrics is also very good. The speed control slider gives you good control over sewing speed. The build quality is excellent and you don't see anything flimsy. The machine is very easy to thread and use. I don't think beginners have trouble using this machine. Overall, I am very happy with the machine's performance.


The automatic threader needs a couple of attempts to get used to.

DC2015 does not have a source for basic monograms. A font for letters would have made this machine perfect.


  • Easy to use
  • Quality stitches
  • solid machine
  • Excellent appearance (although it doesn't really matter for a sewing machine)


  • Automatic threader needs practice
  • There are no sources for basic monograms.

Review Verdict

Janome DC2015 impressed me in all departments. It has all the basics covered, except for the lack of font.

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