Holiday Button Napkin Rings

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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These napkin rings look pretty as singles or stacked together.
Heres everything youll need for constructing a button napkin ring.
Wrap your wire around the toilet-paper roll three times to form the body of the ring.
Place the leaf horizontally onto the three wire loops, so that the stem rests under the button itself, and coil your wire tail around all four strands at once.
Create coils on both sides of the button the same way, and then clip the extra stem section away so its flush with the coil on that side.
These napkin rings look pretty as singles or stacked together.

These napkin rings look pretty as singles or stacked together.

Photo: Susan Beal

These shiny, pretty napkin rings are just the thing to add a little sparkle to your holiday dinner table. And they're super quick and easy to make, so they won't take more than a few minutes away from your holiday cooking and crafting, either.

You'll need (for each ring):

  • One sew-through button of your choice (I used a shiny mother-of-pearl button, in two different sizes for my two rings)
  • 30 inches of 20-gauge craft wire
  • One empty toilet-paper roll
  • One wired leaf embellishment
  • Pliers

1. Slip your sew-through button onto the craft wire about 3 inches from one end. Begin wrapping the wire around the toilet-paper roll and bring it around a total of three times, so that the button section is on the top of the cylinder at the center and the wire coils lie underneath it.

2. Place the leaf embellishment from one side to the other across the top of the ring, so its stem is tucked under the button, parallel with the wire coils. Hold them in place together with your fingertips or by clamping one side with your pliers.

3. Begin wrapping one wire tail around the three wire coil strands and the leaf stem so that they're joined neatly, just at the outside of the button. Wrap three or four times until they're secure. Clip the extra tail flush with the coil. Angle the leaf diagonally if you like.

4. Now repeat step 3 on the other side of the button. That's it!

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RobberStokery writes: amazing work mate
Posted: 1:26 am on August 24th
vanavil writes: golu dolls
golu dolls

Posted: 3:40 pm on July 7th
Nodan writes: The ring like a piece of feather. I like it's style.
Posted: 4:25 am on February 5th
Sister_Diane writes: These are beautiful!
Posted: 8:10 pm on November 23rd
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