The top 3 reasons to use a Serger Sewing Machine

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Sewing is a very important and useful skill to learn, especially for mothers struggling with the purchase of clothes for their rapidly growing young children. However, although sewing is an essential skill, it is also very difficult to learn. Many people have been pricked by needles, struggled with sewing paths, blocking the ends and dealing with fabric corners. Fortunately, with the help of technology and innovation, sewing machines were invented and we made our lives easier.

Now with sewing machines, sewing has never been so easy and convenient. In addition, with the developments in sewing machines, new features have been introduced to make sewing not only convenient but also fun. And one of these developments is the serger machine. Basically, a serger machine or also known as an overlock machine is a type of specialized sewing machine that combines or joins two pieces of fabric with an overlock stitch. In addition, serger machines can allow the user to use up to 5 different types of threads for sewing. It is a sewing machine that can join, trim and cover fabric or fabric at one time.

Save time

In today's fast-paced lifestyle, one cannot simply devote all his afternoons to just sewing. Yes, a common sewing machine can speed up the process, but with a serger machine, the whole experience will be much easier and faster. A serger machine will allow you to sew, trim and cover the edges of the fabric at once. Yes, you will not have to cut or trim the fabric before adding it to the machine or need to remove the fabric and make adjustments and preparations for the final coating. Nor will you need to change the threads from time to time, since a server machine can accommodate up to 4 different types of threads. Just imagine the time you will save with a serger machine.

Flat seams

With a serger machine by your side, the seams will not be just an ordinary stitch. Instead, you can create flat seams that not only block clothes correctly but also add beauty and a professional look to the fabric. Flat seams are commonly used as boundaries or intermediate colors between the colors of fabric. With a serger machine, you can use different thread colors for your flat seam. You do not have to worry about the process of making the flat seam with the serger machine, since most models come with an instruction manual that will guide you step by step, from adding the cloth, adjusting the settings to your preferences until eliminating the cloth.

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Hems are very difficult to make, you must perfectly measure the fold or roll of the fabric before adding it to a sewing machine. You should also pay attention to the tension to avoid curling or stretching the fabric. However, with a serger machine, you can easily create perfect and stable hems. In a matter of minutes, as long as you follow the instructions provided in the manual, you can easily create perfect hems for any type of fabric.

And as an additional tip, once you get your serger machine, don't forget to also buy a brush to remove lint from the fabric, since a very small disadvantage of a serger machine is that it creates a lot of lint and dust.

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