Hair Treatments that Perfect for Frizzy Hair

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Some people have a common assumption of curly hair being associated with frizz and looking messy. Well, that's not true; curls are equally elegant and pretty if you know how to take good care of them. There are several hair straightening techniques in the market these days and if you happen to be aware of some good salons near your area, you are in for a treat. Hair straightening has always been an essential part of human grooming. Mostly recommended for women, this treatment is for anyone with long hair who is in need of hair straightening. For instance, if you're in Lucknow, you can just Google for a good hair salon in Lucknow. After finding your appropriate salon, you can opt for your desired hair treatment. Your stylist will help you with this as there are different sets of treatments for different kinds of hair. You should know your hair and be absolutely sure about the treatment before you embark on the journey as these processes involve chemical products.

Hair straightening involves the restructuring of hair follicles through chemicals to make them appear straight by permanently breaking the bond of the hair shaft. You must be extra careful about the chemical used since your body can be allergic to these chemicals. I would recommend going to a salon that does not compromise with quality. You can search for a hair salon that specializes in permanent straightening in Lucknow if you happen to be there like me. Finally, the newly formed bonds are sealed with more chemical and heat which makes permanent hair straightening to be known as Thermal Reconditioning. 

On the other hand, Keratin treatments are temporary and wash out after a few months while straightening chemical relaxers are permanent. You can get good keratin treatment anywhere near you in a salon with a good reputation. I searched for a salon with Keratin treatment in Lucknow and used the online ratings for the best professional help. They used chemical relaxers that broke and restructured the bonds in my curly hair so they became weaker and straight. Instead of altering the chemical composition of your hair, you too can opt for keratin treatments that inject the porous parts of your hair with protein, so they feel smoother.

While hair Keratin treatment uses chemical relaxers, hair smoothening is a chemical process that involves saturating the hair with a formaldehyde solution. This solution is then dried out and locked in a straight position using a flat iron giving a smooth finish to the hair. You must always visit a salon that will offer a professional treatment. You can just Google for a salon-like I did for my hair appointment by searching for a salon that does hair smoothening in Lucknow. The good thing is, Hair smoothening is a comparatively short term solution than hair straightening and while hair straightening is more chemical oriented, smoothening has little side effects too and thus it is recommended to have a professional treatment for reputed salons.


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