Exterior Painting and its Rationality

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Author is a designer

Author is a designer


First, let's talk about aesthetics. The rules come down to the covering ability of the material and its durability. Dark colors have lower consumption, which reduces the cost of work. In addition, they attract heat, so it is better to use them in cloudy, cold areas for example in Chicago.

 If it is important that the wall burns out more slowly, choose a light dye. Dust is less noticeable on the surface painted by it, it will retain saturation longer. Red and all its shades fade fastest. The maximum brightness period is 5-7 years.

At the first stage, you can use various online services to select a palette. Download special applications or look for sites. It is also important to consider several factors, which we will discuss now.

Village and country houses require more creativity. Cottages located within the city, usually painted in something neutral, corresponding to neighboring buildings. If you live in Chicago you may take exterior painting services in Chicago which are near you. For example https://ikhomepros.com/exterior-painting-contractor-near-me-in-chicago/

 Then you can rely on the masters, but if you're going to perform all the works yourself, you need have some skills and receive some tips.

The structure of a simple form without elegant details adorns a bright facade. It will help to divert attention from construction flaws.

On the contrary, if the building has decorative details, a neutral background will be appropriate.

The building should stand out. Green cladding is lost in the background of tall bushes and trees.


 It is logical to apply some styles (for example, Victorian, classical, hi-tech, modern) from the outside to preserve a holistic picture.

It happens that the design of the rooms does not have a certain style, but there is panoramic glazing. In this case, you can also build on the internal design of the walls, floor.

Bathhouse, outbuildings, gates and everything that is on the yard, plays a role in the choice of paint. The task is to create a single project and perform exterior painting perfectly or almost perfectly.

Roof color

Usually this part of the house is different from the facade. It is desirable that they are combined with each other. For example, what color to paint the house if the roof is brown? In this case, it is recommended to use white, beige, shades of brown, blue. Gray tiles or slate can be combined with orange, blue, darker gray, burgundy, white, green, blue walls. Red roof - with gray, brown, black, yellow. Black - with bright colors.

All in all you need try too much to achieve the positive result, but the it is well worth the effort.


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