How to Monogram a Sweater

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erika_kern Erika Kern, contributor
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A monogram and some lazy daisies turn a store-bought sweater into something special.
I started with this little girls sweater. Its already super-cute, but I wanted to make it super-unique, too.
A sharp, large-eyed needle, some yarn, and about an hour is all you need for this project.
A monogram and some lazy daisies turn a store-bought sweater into something special.

A monogram and some lazy daisies turn a store-bought sweater into something special.

Photo: Erika Kern

Christmas is a terrific time for giving personalized gifts. This monogrammed sweater is a great personal gift and so easy to make. It took me an hour, maybe two at the most!

You'll need:

  • A sweater (I found this one at my local bargain store.)
  • Yarn (Make sure the sweater and yarn fibers match. My sweater is 100% cotton, so I picked a cotton yarn.)
  • Marking chalk or pen
  • Chenille or tapestry needle (A chenille needle is similar to a tapestry needle, but it has an extra-sharp point. If your sweater has a close knit, use the chenille needle; if it's a looser knit, use a tapestry needle.)

Mark your monogram using chalk or a marking pen. I like using chalk because if you make a mistake, you can steam the mark out and try again. I'm a big fan of this pen. If you don't like your handwriting, find a script you like in your computer's font library.

I used a chain stitch to make my monogram. I like how it makes the letter nice and thick. If you prefer, you could use a stem stitch or any other line stitch. Make sure not to pull your stitches too tight because it will cause your sweater to bunch and pucker.

The finished monogram.

Unable to leave well enough alone, I used lazy daisies and French knots (see last week's post) to decorate the bottom. I followed the existing pattern of the sweater for my loops and knots.

The finished sweater. A perfect quick gift for the little girl in your life. This technique is great on adult sweaters, too!


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Posted: 12:21 pm on December 3rd
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