Make a Pretty Swirls Cap with This Crochet Pattern

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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This beautiful Swirls Cap pattern is available on

This beautiful Swirls Cap pattern is available on

Photo: Linda Permann

I've had the pattern for this beautiful Swirls Cap by Sophia Kessinger in my Ravelry queue for weeks now. You'll need to log in to Ravelry to download it (follow the link above), and it comes with step by step photos that illustrate how to make the textured swirl and sturdy brim. I think it'd make a great gift for any lady on your list, but who am I kidding? I want to make one for myself!

Check out the rest of Sophia's gorgeous needlework on her flickr page.


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Comments (28)

benthelady writes: I would love to have this pattern too and it does say it is free and when I go to Ravelry it says, It is $5.00 and I wanted it so that I can make it for a friend of mine. When I make something that was written and made by the person where I got it I tell the person that I got it from the person that I got the pattern from. So please either take off the free on this page or give some a code name so that we could get it. I am on a fix income and I don't get much to buy everything I see that I want to make. Thank you.
Posted: 4:34 pm on September 14th
Carol99 writes: Would love to make this hat but can't seem to find the free pattern.
Posted: 3:33 pm on October 20th
Torked writes: It is no longer free! Soo cute.
Posted: 7:41 pm on October 3rd
Onda writes: This is the link to the City Girl Cap, mentioned by Craft_Crazy22 above. Click on the link on the page to see several pictures of the cap. Looks good to me!!

Posted: 9:57 pm on February 27th
17 writes:
Posted: 1:07 pm on November 2nd
rish2424 writes: ummm, false advertisement....this is not free....this is why I wanted to join this site, so naturally I'm already unimpressed. And, this site make you believe its YOUR pattern, not a redirection to another site for someone elses work.
Posted: 3:10 pm on October 29th
ap9311 writes: This pattern is not free! You should change that...
Posted: 6:15 am on October 15th
kdroskinis writes: This pattern is not free it costs $5
Posted: 12:41 pm on September 12th
VictoriaNorth writes: This pattern was free when this was posted by Linda in 2008. I have updated the text to reflect the change now.
Posted: 8:20 am on April 5th
Goolit writes: When I login into Ravelry I see there's a fee for this pattern - Why did you get the immpression that it's for free?
Posted: 6:11 am on April 4th
gailseale writes: As a courtesy, you should remove references to free so when you click in anticipation of a free pattern you are not disappointed and have not wasted your time.
Posted: 8:46 pm on March 11th
AnnaInMD writes: Beverly5876, I know you posted several months ago, but if anyone has trouble downloading, the files are in PDF format and you would need the free Adobe Reader. Do a google and then download the free Reader first.

Posted: 8:15 am on October 30th
Yasraj writes: I paid $ 5 and have downloaded the pattern,but i amstuck at 4th row.I dont know if i follow the instructions the swirls do not come in one line the 2 loose slip stitch makes the pattern differ please can someone help me

Posted: 8:16 pm on October 12th
alyssa71 writes: can you help me? i have this pattern and made the hat, it is rather large and bulky. is there a way to avoid that?
also, i do not know what to get for the plastic part or where to get it. thanks!
Posted: 3:22 pm on March 12th
HumorMe writes: Yikes, I was all set to cough up the $5 and order the hat, but after reading these comments I will have to rethink. I'm going to try to send a message to the designer on Ravelry to ask if she is still selling the pattern.

It's a wonderful cap, hope we can get the pattern!!
Posted: 1:01 pm on February 1st
MsDizzy writes: Just made myself one with Lorna's Laces vintage yarn and I LOVE it!! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with everyone. (It was well worth the $5!)

Posted: 4:54 pm on January 31st
FrenchTeas writes: The author had issues with people not giving her credit or selling her pattern. Something like that, she took it off but put it back on to sell it when people asked her to.
Posted: 1:02 pm on October 2nd
KatnBunnys writes: I went to and there is a $5.00 charge for this pattern.
Posted: 7:30 pm on September 20th
kittyohkitty writes: I have yet to be able to download the patter after purchasing it. Sure it's only $5, but its MY $5 and I am unimpressed with the response from the designer. At the very least she should have a message on the order page alerting prospective buyers as to HOW they can acquire the pattern once purchased.
Posted: 12:03 pm on January 5th
nell54 writes: how can you say this hat is free when you can't get the pattern without paying foe it
Posted: 10:03 pm on December 16th
nell54 writes: love your do i get the pattern fot the hat>
Posted: 10:00 pm on December 16th
nell54 writes: love this hat, but cant get the pattern
Posted: 9:59 pm on December 16th
funkycrafter writes: For some reason it's no longer free. Have you made it? I have trouble with hats. they don't shape right. Do you have any tips?
Posted: 6:07 am on November 18th
LindaPermann writes: Beverly,
You really need to try asking the person who posted the pattern on ravelry-- it's not my pattern, I just posted alerting to the free and cool nature of it. Hope she can assist you!
Posted: 10:13 pm on March 1st
Beverly5876 writes: I've tried to download this pattern but for some reason it just isn't working. Is there some way that you can send it to me in another format; rather than through MS Works Word. I have Words Word and MS WORD but, it's just not opening up. It says there's an error.

I'd love to make this. I was hoping to make it up tonight to wear it to my crochet guild tomorrow. poo!
Posted: 10:44 pm on February 27th
Craft_Crazy22 writes: I absolutely ADORE this!! I made a similar newsboy cap once. It was crocheted and I got the pattern at . It's under 'city girl cap'. Also very cute. I love how universally flattering these hats are!
Posted: 9:22 pm on December 6th
Jen1964 writes: Looks like a winner! All my family loves this kind, but no one has seen one out of yarn yet.
Posted: 6:31 am on December 2nd
adnyl writes: I think this hat is superb i would love to be able to make one.
Posted: 9:38 am on November 30th
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