Meet Fiber Artist Amy Long: Crocheter and Felt-Maker Extraordinaire

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Conversation Piece by Amy Long.
Terissue by Amy Long.
Bulknobs by Amy Long.
The gallery view of Amy Longs MFA Thesis Show.
Conversation Piece by Amy Long.

Conversation Piece by Amy Long.

Photo: Amy Long

I first saw Amy Long's crochet work on the Craft: Blog a few weeks ago, and I knew I had to email her to learn more. Amy has been crocheting since 2005 (!) and just earned her MFA from Arizona State University. When she was younger, she wanted to work in healthcare but got sidetracked by photography and then fiber, which explains the bodily nature of her evocative forms. In her artist's statement, Amy says:

"...Structures of the body are my fundamental influence. I am thrilled by the body’s density and mass, openings and cavities, paces and rhythms, and its repetitive cycles of accumulation. I perceive systems to function organically—self-perpetual, uncontainable and ultimately uncontrollable. The buildup and accumulation of interlocking fibers and stitches in the processes of felt-making and crocheting correlate to growth and aggregations that occur in the body. Additionally, these processes reflect interconnectedness as individual fibers lock together to create the larger whole."

Amy is constantly considering the ramifications of choices that she and others make and how one thing relates to another—to her, the fibers represent "connection, communication, and reliance." Her work is about the beauty of parts coming together as a whole and the tenuousness of those connections.

In addition to her fascination with the body and its interconnectedness, Amy simply enjoys the processes of crocheting and felt-making, and gallery-goers love the results. As Amy herself says, "It's hard not to like soft, brightly colored forms."

File Amy Long as one to watch. Look for more from her in the coming months—she's hoping to build a website and maybe even open an etsy shop. I, for one, can't wait!

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MaeveQ writes: Wow, so bizarre and cool. I would have never thought of crochet as a sculptural medium.
Posted: 12:11 pm on June 27th
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