DIY Paper Projects Perfect for Your Next Party

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Jeff_Rudell Jeffery Rudell, contributor
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Wildflowers cut from a 24x7-inch piece of white
paper transform an ordinary layer cake into an extraordinary
confection. Fasten the ends together with white glue or double-sided
Start with a 36 x 12 inch piece of white paper.
In order to give your design some visual heft, I recommend against
cutting out too much detail; keep it graphic and bold and the results
will have more impact.
These coral napkin rings will add drama to your table, a sense of
whimsy to your meal, and will give your guests something charming to
take home with them.
Wildflowers cut from a 24x7-inch piece of white
paper transform an ordinary layer cake into an extraordinary
confection. Fasten the ends together with white glue or double-sided

Wildflowers cut from a 24x7-inch piece of white paper transform an ordinary layer cake into an extraordinary confection. Fasten the ends together with white glue or double-sided tape.

Photo: Jeffery Rudell
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Score the upper lobe and fold it down so that it covers the bottom lobe. Using a craft knife, cut a single notch through both lobes from their centers down through their bottom edges. This notch is how you will attach the coral to the paper loop of the napkin ring itself.

  Fold the upper lobe down over the lower one.


branch coral paper napkin ring   Cut a small notch (approximately 1/2 inch in length).


branch coral paper napkin ring   The bracket of your coral should now look like this.

Finally, use the remaining strip of red paper (1-1/4 x11 inches) for the napkin ring proper. Glue this strip-end to end-adding a single twist to make it a Möbius strip. The single twist provides a strong vertical edge onto which you can position the notch you cut into your branch coral.

branch coral paper napkin ring   Use a strong white adhesive to glue your Mobiüs strip together, and hold it until the glue dries.

I try to make all of my napkin rings different from each other. Don't be afraid to vary the size and shape and for a slightly less formal look you can even vary the color from orange and yellow, to violet and green. Your guests will delight at your creativity (and don't be surprised if they try to take one home with them.)

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Posted: 5:42 am on December 15th
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Posted: 4:33 am on February 5th
sandysewin writes: Something about the simplicity of the dark on light along with the delicate designs make this stunning.

You inspire us all. We don't need complex materials, just the basics and an artist's eye (and a steady hand) can make the most wondrous of creations.
Posted: 5:55 pm on October 30th
Luvbird writes: I think this is just so beautiful & i know just the lady to show this to,{we call her Cake Queen}!!She decorates cakes for people in her Church,& family members for Weddings & such!She`ll Love this pattern so much,Thank you :)
Posted: 6:36 pm on October 26th
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