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Crochet Tool I Love: The OTT-Lite

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Here are some examples of the Ott-lite, lamps that use bulbs that bring natural light indoors.

Here are some examples of the Ott-lite, lamps that use bulbs that bring natural light indoors.

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It might sound funny when I tell you that one of my favorite crochet tools is a lamp, but it's true. I don't always get around to crocheting before the sun goes down, and our poorly lit apartment doesn't offer much in the way of helping me to see.

I got my first OTT-Lite a few years ago, curious about the hype, and what they claim is true: their lamps really do shed light that looks like sunshine--making it easy to match colors and see stitches. In fact, sometimes I use it as a 'spot light' when I have to take tutorial pictures on a rainy day.

The other thing that makes these lamps so great is that they're light and easy to carry from room to room, so you only need one, even if you work in different crafting areas around the house. (Although, I admit it, I broke down and bought a second one for my sewing area!). I also like the fact that they don't overheat, and they are flexible. so you can aim the light wherever you want it. There are even some slightly-less-clunky decorator versions available now.

Although the bulbs can be pricey (I think I paid $14 for the last one), they do last forever--10,000 hours, to be exact, which is 10 times longer than a standard bulb. And in case you were wondering, according to the website, they are eco-friendly. So if you've been burning the midnight oil and are looking for some eye relief, consider investing in good lighting-- it's worth it!

Do you have a favorite crochet tool? Share it with us in the comments.

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