Resparkle Your Old Ornaments: Round Two

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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This ornaments necklace is made with shiny, colorful seed beads on wire and a leaf charm as the centerpiece!
Youll use colorful seed beads strung on wire, along with a charm of your choice, to decorate your ornament.
Add a charm to the end of your wire via a wrapped loop, then start your beading with a repetitive pattern of colors and sizes.
Add beads halfway around the wire circle, add a second charm, and continue beading.
Finally, join the circles ends together with a second wrapped loop so that the leaf charm hangs down.
This ornaments necklace is made with shiny, colorful seed beads on wire and a leaf charm as the centerpiece!

This ornament's "necklace" is made with shiny, colorful seed beads on wire and a leaf charm as the centerpiece!

Photo: Susan Beal

I came up with a few ideas for embellishing a box of old glass ornaments that had worn spots in the finish, using all stash materials to resparkle them back up! Last week's project was a simple rhinestone pattern glued onto the round, and this time I thought I'd bead a tiny charm "necklace" in contrast colors to slip right onto the glass ball.

You'll need:

  • One old glass ornament
  • 24-gauge craft wire
  • Pliers
  • Two charms of your choice, one with a jump ring
  • Seed beads in two different colors and sizes
  • Sharpie or other marker
  • Hot-glue gun

1. Cut a piece of craft wire long enough to form a circle "necklace" that sits around the top of the glass ball, plus about 5 inches extra for forming loops. Don't worry about measuring exactly; you can just eye it and cut generously since you can always clip away the extra. Mine measured about 10 inches to start with, for a medium-sized glass round.

2. Form a wrapped loop at one end of the wire, slipping your first charm into the loop before completing the wrap. Here is a video I made that shows how to make a wrapped loop, if you need a quick 101.

3. Begin beading your "necklace" onto the wire—I alternated two small seed beads with one larger one for my repeating pattern. Continue until you're about halfway around the circle, which you can check for length by holding the beaded wire to the ornament. Once it's at the halfway point, slip the second charm onto the wire via its jump ring and then keep beading on the other side of it the same way. I used two large beads, one on either side, to hold it in place.

4. Finish the second half of the necklace with your beaded pattern, then form a second wrapped loop at the end, joining it to the first one before completing the loop so that the charm hangs down neatly.

5. Arrange the necklace on the ornament. The two charms will help the weight distribute evenly and will look pretty if the ornament turns once it's hung. Once you like the placement, make a small mark with the Sharpie at the spots where the charm sections of the necklace touch the ornament.

6. Add dab of hot glue to each marked spot, and press the necklace directly into them to hold it in place. Let it cool for a few minutes before hanging it on your tree!


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sueellenphillips writes: That is so beautiful! I can see more possibilities ahead.
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