This Week on CraftStylish: Gifts for the Bill Murray in Your Life

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Make this cool necktie and make a guy very happy. Its that simple, and so is this fab how-to by Erika Kern this Wednesday on CraftStylish.
Kayte Terry gets up close and personal this guy gift week with these totally fun appliquéd undies for your sweetie. Check out the cute handstitching, too!
Mary Rays handmade leather journal how-to is designed for those rugged writers out there who love their laptops but need to write.
Make this cool necktie and make a guy very happy. Its that simple, and so is this fab how-to by Erika Kern this Wednesday on CraftStylish.

Make this cool necktie and make a guy very happy. It's that simple, and so is this fab how-to by Erika Kern this Wednesday on CraftStylish.

Photo: Erika Kern

When CraftStylish was at Maker Faire, Austin last October, the great Bill Murray stopped by our booth. While we chatted with him and tried to act casual, Bill thumbed through two of the CraftStylish magazine issues that we had on display (they were the holiday gift and décor issues). We were thrilled as he nodded thoughtfully and smiled at several of the projects, but then he looked at us and said, "You need more macho crafts. Definitely, more macho crafts." When I asked him if he could be more specific, he said, "You know, great stuff for guys."

Boy, do we know. For NASA it was the moon; for cooks, the hollandaise; for scientists, the common cold; and for crafters, the elusive handmade grail is, without a doubt: the guy gift. If you're a crafter, it is not enough to simply make a beautiful handmade gift. For it to truly be a creative success, that gift must be enjoyed (if not treasured) by the recipient (preferably for life). After all, we have had plenty of time during the making of that gift to imagine the magical moment when it is unwrapped to the absolute delight of _____ (add name here). Conversely, there is nothing worse than to have spent 1,500 man-hours making what we had imagined to be the perfect gift only to watch our loved one try to fake his way into loving it. Let's face it, Bill Murray might be able to pull that off, but most of us are not award-winning actors. So what to do? How about this...

The Dare to Make it Guy Gift Week on Craftstylish!

Yep, for this whole week we are featuring terrific and innovative gifts for guys, Guys, GUYS! Plus, the CraftStylish team shows up in full crafty-force with tons of ideas, and lots of technique/ tutorials to land you the perfect gift solution for the Bill Murray in your life.

Here is the line-up of what's in for the guys this second week of December on CraftStylish:

  • Jeffery Rudell, the guy who can do anything with a sheet of simple paper, offers up an intriguing gift idea for the guy who has everything: a paper creche. Wait until you see Jeffery's version of this project, which can be upsized and made out of plywood to be used in the front yard.
  • Help your guy keep his feet feeling fresh with Jennifer Worick's handmade shoe torpedos. Just stick one of these absorbant wonders into an empty shoe and let it work its magic. This is a great gift for any of the athletes on your list.
  • On Tuesday, Shannon Dennis shows us how to restyle the sleeve of an old sweater into a trendy travel-mug cozy. Let your man think of you with every hot sip of joe he takes on cold, wintry mornings.
  • Cal Patch goes for the glory this week with her awesome fleece hoodie how-to. This is the kind of gift that creates tree-side envy (and requests to "please make me one, too") come the big day.
  • Most guys have these little piles of guy stuff (keys, phones, change, etc.) that can usually be found on the tops of dressers, counters, and shelves. Here's how you can make him a most happy feller and present him with a handmade (and very cool) catch-all by Linda Permann. You can even make up a couple of different sizes and give a handmade matching gift-set.
  • Tina Hilton does double-duty this week with part three of the Dare to Make It Knit-Along and a great gift for any golfers on your list. Tina's fabulous restyle knit golf club covers are much more than par and are a great way to show your Tiger love while he's yelling "FORE!"
  • Diane Gilleland deals out a terrific how-to gift this week for the high-rolling businessman: business card holders made with laminated paying cards. Download Diane's template and whip up this hip way for him to keep his contacts in order.
  • Lee Meredith is the CraftStylish overachiever of this week with not one, not two, but three fantastic holiday gift how-to posts. Let's see, on Wednesday, there's the absolutely amazing semiphotorealistic 3-D shade print for the unconventional guy gift. On Saturday, she's back with the most adorable bottle-cap button how-to that can be used in a million different ways, and then on Sunday, Lee bows humbly to her fellows and turns in a smashing recycled yarn-dying tutorial that yields the perfect handmade gift for a crafter by a crafter.
  • Hmmm? What do you make for a guy who will only wear a baseball cap on his head no matter what the season? How about a fleece baseball cap warmer? On Saturday, Jennifer Stern shows us how to make a gift that is sure to please even the most steadfast, unchanging, and predictable of baseball cap fans.
  • Susan Beal has a project this Sunday, hand-stenciled pillowcases, that a guy can dream on. Using fab images from Stencil 101 and a few choice embellishments, Susan shows us how to create a uniquely personal gift and a place to rest one's head.
  • This week our CraftStylish Roundtable will discuss the glories of their craft highs and the catastrophes of their craft lows. Join in and tell us what has made you crow or cringe this week at the roundtable. Click here to read the Roundtable responses to last week's query: What was the greatest gift that you ever made and were given?


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