How to Keep Your Guy Warm in His Baseball Cap at a Football Game

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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See--warm ears while wearing a baseball cap!
Its really easy to finish the edges with binding or fold-over elastic.
If your guy isnt a baseball cap kinda guy, there are lots of fleece accessories you can whip up using the patterns included with Ultimate Polarfleece Pizzazz!
See--warm ears while wearing a baseball cap!

See--warm ears while wearing a baseball cap!

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The seam finishing the knit strip should line up with the center back seam of the headband. Press the seam allowances open and finish sewing the knit strip to the back of the headband.

The center back seam of the headband should line up with the seam finishing the knit strip.

All you have left to do is repeat the process to finish the top edge of the headband.

Take a minute to trim all of the threads.

Slip a cap into the headband by putting the brim through the space in the front—then put the cap on your head.

I'm not sure I like the black and gray with the red cap...I will probably make one that's more coordinated. I think I would prefer red on red or black with black binding on a red cap.


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Comments (12)

Nannykaren writes: When I tried to download the pattern, my virus protection said it is full of unsafe items. Spyware, etc. Is it okay to download this or is there another way to get the pattern? I really want to make some of these.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Posted: 8:53 pm on March 10th
KrystinaK writes: This is an awesome idea and we want to make up a few. I went to the great copy but could not find where they have a kit...can u help me find that or put a link up for it please?
Posted: 11:43 am on October 23rd
JenniferStern writes: Hi ggmom, I think that if you took one of the fleece ear warmers that you made that's too small for the large brim on those team caps, you could figure out how much length you would need to add to get the brim to fit easily. It probably wouldn't be a lot, possibly an inch give or take a little. Then you would sew the ends of the "under the brim" piece a little farther back along the sides on the ear warmer part--that way you'd make more room for the brim. I also think it's a good idea to eliminate the under the brim piece if it's too low.

The small size is 22", the med is 23" and the lg is 24" Take away a 1/2 inch for the seam allowances to get the finished circumference. The problem with giving exact measurements is that fleece varies in how stretchy it is...the more stretch, the shorter the measurement needs to be to be comfortable.

I hope that helps.
Posted: 2:04 pm on February 27th
ggmom writes: I have a question? How do you get an exact copy of the download pattern that is available and how do you alter the pattern to fit different sizes of the hats bill? ( If it had not been for your pictures I would have had a difficult time drawing one.) I have made it and everyone loves the idea, but the brim band was too low ( set on the eyebrows) so I eliminated it. I have made it for some of my grandson's baseball team, but I'm not happy on how they fit because of the wide bills on their hats. Also with the sizes being small, medium and large how did you decide on the exact head measurement. I know this may sound like I don't have a clue on how tomalter a pattern, but I thought maybe you had encounter similar problems and what was your solution(s)

It's a great idea and I'm looking forward to you sharing your ideas.

Happy sewing and have a great day !


Thank you
Posted: 11:30 am on February 2nd
Ginab6 writes: Hi , I just found this and want to make it later but I also need the measurements. Also, does the pattern include the 1/4" seam allowance or does it need to be added? Thanks!
ginab6 at yahoo dot com
Posted: 9:53 pm on December 27th
JenniferStern writes: Hi Sue, Happy Holidays. Sorry I didn't get back to you with the measurements of the pattern in time...I'm happy you were able to figure it out. I went rushing around trying to find the pattern and I realized I already packed it...I'm moving into my new house next Tuesday. I know how tricky it is to find the perfect gift for those men in our lives...I'm glad this project worked for you.
Posted: 8:50 am on December 26th
Kansasewer writes: Hey there! I figured out the measurements and made one for my son-in-law, and my husband, my two brothers and 2 nephews. We had Christmas today with my son-in-law and daughter and he LOVED it. I made his out of camo fleece! I had two kinds of camo fleece on hand and two colors (black and gray)of foldover elastic in my stash so made 5 and then received the kit from Great Copy so made another. I am excited to give them to the "men in my life" on Christmas Day! Thanks for a great project!! Sue
Posted: 10:31 pm on December 21st
Kansasewer writes: I was wondering what the exact measurement should be since printers are all different??? What is the length of the main piece and width and the length and width of the small piece??? I have ordered a kit and need it for Christmas but am unsure as to the measurements. THanks-- it looks wonderful and my husband wants one and my son-in-law is getting the one in the kit for Christmas. Super!
Posted: 8:25 pm on December 18th
JenniferStern writes: Cindylue, that's great...wait till you see how fast they are to make. If you're interested being quick and speedy, sew them all one step at a time--bind the edges and of all the under the brim straps first, then sew the center back seam...etc. I'm glad you and your guys like this project. When I first discovered this project the only picture of it was a line illustration in Polar Fleece Pizzazz. It seemed like a really cool, innovative idea. After I made one up, I has my boyfriend try it on...just between you and me, he thought it was silly. We polled some of the neighbors in his apartment building who were walking by when I was trying to take a photo...Happily most of the guys we asked would wear it to a game!
Posted: 7:21 am on December 16th
cindylue writes: I showed the pattern to my husband and sons age 22 and 25. I will be making 4. I would like one as well. Super idea.
Posted: 4:11 pm on December 14th
JenniferStern writes: Thanks...I know what you mean..They're quick to make, so you can whip one up for you and your guy!! Happy Holidays!
Posted: 6:39 pm on December 13th
Sister_Diane writes: That is absolutely genius! Heck, I need one, too!
Posted: 10:55 am on December 13th
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