CraftStylish RoundTable: The Greatest Gift Ever Made--Part Two

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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This awesome Christopher Walken pillow, made by blogger Lee Meredith for her boyfriend, is just one of the things that makes him one lucky guy (Lee has promised us a how-to in the New Year!)

This awesome Christopher Walken pillow, made by blogger Lee Meredith for her boyfriend, is just one of the things that makes him one lucky guy (Lee has promised us a how-to in the New Year!)

Photo: Lee Meredith

If you are stuck on finding the perfect gift to make for a certain someone maybe you'll find that something here? The CraftStylish Roundtable discussion continues as more bloggers recall the best gift that they ever made and the best handmade gift ever received. Share your own craft-give success and post a comment below. Your great idea could be just what someone is looking for.

The question on the table this week is:

What is the greatest handmade gift that you have ever made to give to someone?

And part two is:

What is the greatest handmade gift that you have ever received?

You can read previous responses to this question here.

Lee Meredith:

I think the greatest handmade gift I've ever given would have to be the Christopher Walken pillow I knit for my boyfriend, Pete. He had seen a black and white silhouette-style painting of James Dean and said to me, "I would love to have a painting like that of Christopher Walken." I put that info together with his love for weird pillows (he owns an Iron Maiden pillow!) and decided to try designing and making my first intarsia knitting project. I had to be super secret about it, of course, which was tough since I do most of my knitting while watching movies with him; so I took the project to work with me and knit at home when he was gone. All that stealth was worth it, because it was a total surprise and he absolutely loved the totally weird, super unique gift!

The greatest handmade gift(s) I have received have been the songs that my musician boyfriend has made for me (written and recorded, doing all music and singing himself). With lyrics like "I wish we had a secret button that stopped time, so we could be together just like lemon-lime; If it was the 90's, and we were in Texas, you were living off a gas card, I'd fly back to you; Why can't we be trust fund hipsters, stay up late, wake up late, and never work...", and fabulous keyboard melodies, I never tire of listening to them. He's not crafty with his hands - he refuses to let me teach him how to knit and he is afraid of the sewing machine needle - but he has made me some great collaged cd sleeves and cards to go along with the songs!

Shannon Dennis:

The greatest gift I have ever given is the dress that I made for my youngest sister's first piano recital dress. I designed my own pattern and used techniques from Martha Pullen's Sewing for Jack and Jill book for a one-of-a-kind dress.

The greatest gift I have ever received was when my four sisters made me a quilt for a wedding gift. All of them cut, sewed and quilted it then designed the cutest label. I will keep it forever!

Jennifer Stern:

Hmmm? I haven't made one gift that stands out or received any one gift that stands out. My intention when making gifts is that they make a connection with the receiver's heart's desire. When I sew, embroider or otherwise craft something for someone, I've already given the "thing" a lot of thought. For example, last year I made quilts for my boyfriend, Lenny and his son. I decided to do this because I wanted to give them something that would cozy-up their "bachelor pad" So, with that in mind, (For Lenny), I searched for the perfect Bali prints that I could use to create a contemporary grid pattern for the quilt top that would appeal to his sense of style. Then I used marbled flannel for the border and backing so it would also be cozy and warm. Because I was making a king size quilt, I couldn't quilt it on my machine. I am lucky enough to have a good friend with a Gammel so I spent a few nights in his basement quilting up a storm~ For Lenny's son, I used the same pattern, substituting the Bali prints for flannels in primary colors. It's been reported to me that a night doesn't go by where he's not tangled up in or under that quilt. The important thing to me is not how well the gifts come out, but that they are used and loved every day.

On the flip side, I have often lamented the fact that I receive very few handcrafted gifts. Among my friends and family there is very little crafting going on. So, when I do get something that was made for me, I cherish it. For example, my friend Pam made me a quilted carrier for my ipod. Very soon after she gave it to me, my ipod broke and I replaced it with a new nano which does not fit into the carrier. So I hung it in my home as a memento/decoration for a door, shelf or wall. I've had that little quilted bag for 4 years now, and even though I can't use it to carry my ipod, I love it all the same. I don't get to see Pam very often anymore,and this little bag keeps her in my thoughts.

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