A Collaboration Between Friends

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4-inch linen squares will be used for this project.
This new website follows the collaboration between bloggers from Futuregirl and Ruby-Crowned Kinglette.
4-inch linen squares will be used for this project.

4-inch linen squares will be used for this project.

Photo: Courtesy of RubyCrownedKinglette

The challenge facing Futuregirl (Alice) and Ruby-Crowned Kinglette (Stephanie) seems simple. For one year, they will be given a word every two weeks to interpret by embroidering a 4-inch linen square. They have started a blog to document their work, accuretly titled, "A Collaboration." Through photos, sketches, conversations, and blog entries they will show us their progress through to the finished product of a quilt made with 52 embroidered squares. It will be interesting to see the different ways two people will visually interpret a word and the finished product should be beautiful.

The first word they have been given, by a third party, is "Entangled." June 1st marked the beginning of the project so there are already some conversations and sketches posted for the first word. They are still working out the rules, particularly about how much of their initial brainstorming should be shared, as to not influence one another. With a new word introduced every two weeks, I'm sure the site will grow quickly. I will be checking in often to see the progress of their collaboration.

Stephanie also included a great tutorial on how to hoop the small pieces of linen they will be using for this project.


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rubycrownedkinglette writes: thank you so much for posting about our project... it is wonderful to see everyone taking such an interest.

Posted: 3:50 pm on June 16th
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