CraftStylish Roundtable: What Do You Want from Crafty Claus?

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Bright color combos and great big bows make for pretty packages like these by Chez Larsson. Check out her blog for some fab-cool holiday ideas (you can also see her other crafty pics via Flickr). What are you wishing for this year?

Bright color combos and great big bows make for pretty packages like these by Chez Larsson. Check out her blog for some fab-cool holiday ideas (you can also see her other crafty pics via Flickr). What are you wishing for this year?

Photo: Courtesy of Chez Larsson via Flickr

Don't you hate it when you ask someone what they would really like for a gift and they say, "Oh, nothing, really. Don't get me anything...unless...oh, never mind. Really, I'm fine." ? I do. I mean, my family exchanges gifts every year and every year they act as if this were not the case. They act as if the idea of gift giving were some novel and extravagant ritual that they had never heard of. They'll say, "What? Gift? Me? No, no , no." So I cringed the other day when I heard those very words coming out of my own mouth. My sister was asking me what I would like and I insisted that I didn't want or need a thing, which is true, I don't. But it is also true that my sister is going to get me something and if the ghosts of Christmases past have taught me anything, it is that it is within everyone's best interest that we provide as much guidance and wish listing as possible for each other: We love one another, but that does not mean that we know what to get one another.

This seems to be especially true if there happen to be any crafters in the family. While our nearest and dearest have enjoyed the bounty of our efforts via holiday gifts for years, they do not usually have a clue about the base materials that can make a crafter's heart race. No one in my family would ever consider getting me a skein of handspun lambswool; actually, they would be appalled at the thought of getting me a "ball of yarn" and think me paltry and inappropriately ungiving towards myself. But, that is what I would love more than the ready-made sweater.

This week's roundtable discussion asks the potent question:

What do want from Crafty Claus for the holidays?

Our responses may direct your own desires to some pretty cool gift ideas, or perhaps they will guide the clueless to great gift-giving success: that priceless moment when you have just given someone the perfect present. Be sure to post your own holiday wishes—you never know when Crafty Claus will be checking the list.

Linda Permann:

I'd love some really indulgent handspun yarn from one of the many yarn purveyors on etsy, some bamboo-handled crochet hooks, and a few more sets of circular bamboo knitting needles in different sizes since I've been really into knitting hats lately.

Erika Kern:

Well, I must admit I acted as my own Crafty Claus the other day. . . I needed good markers for a Christmas project I'm making and I completely splurged on a 48-count Prisma Color set. But as for a gift from the great Crafty Claus herself, I'd love some screen-printing screens, a few different sizes of squeegees, lots of fun ink colors, and the time to finally get to experimenting with my newly learned skill of print making.

Jennifer Worick:

Gosh, I don't think any of my friends are that crafty. That's what I'm for! But I would cherish anything anyone put thought into, really. I get weepy pretty darn quickly when I get a gift that really is about me and my quirky tastes.

Cal Patch:

What do I want from Crafty Claus? An airbrush! I have been using recycled spray bottles for years to do my spray-stenciling, but they always get clogged up and break in the middle of a project. So I dream of upgrading to a real, professional-grade, consistent and reliable airbrush.

Jeffery Rudell:

I want a chair. Not just any chair, mind you, but an extra large one (at 6'6", no ordinary chair will do); one that adjusts both in height, tilt, and recline; one that is padded (or in this case, has a webbed seat and back); one that has lumbar support; and one that's on wheels. It might seem like a tall order but I actually own this chair already—an Aeron Chair—but it has been in storage for the last few years. Retrieving it entails more effort than I've been willing to expend (it won't fit in a taxi, it won't fit in a regular car, I need a truck—and I don't own a truck so I need a friend with a truck—and I need to find the time to go halfway across Manhattan to the storage unit it's been living in and then carry it home, balanced upside-down on my head. However, after my paper chandelier project, I am resolved to not undertake one more job while sitting in a hard, wooden, straight-backed, caned-bottom monstrosity that I'm currently using. For Christmas, I am taking an afternoon, putting on waterproof boots and warm gloves, and going out into the city to retrieve my chair. While "Santa Claus" seemed unable to make the delivery himself, I have been assured there will be a warm, delicious feast of holiday cookies and hot cocoa waiting for me when I finally arrive with my chair in tow.

Jennifer Stern:

Because I'm in the middle of getting into my new house, my wish list is wrapped around actually moving in before Christmas so we can have our tree there. As far as receiving crafty gifts...does a new customized playlist count? My iPod died, and I've been exercising in silence (which I can't stand). The music that I had on my iPod is (of course) not backed up anywhere, so what I'm really wishing for is a brand-new crafty playlist or two.

Diane Gilleland:

All I want from Crafty Claus is three hours a week to craft just for myself. (Well, okay—make that five hours.)

Tina Hilton:

Everyone in my family knows about my nonstop crafting. The funny thing is that I have never received a craft-related gift from any of them so it's up to Crafty Santa to come through with the goods. Please bring me an Addi Turbo Click set. You say I wasn't that good this year? OK, how about just the new knitting-themed novel Knit Two, the sequel to best seller The Friday Night Knitting Club?

Kayte Terry:

I would like a giant pile of Japanease fabric and someone to teach me how to knit (hint, hint..)

You can read last week's roundtable responses here.

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