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lcampb Lilly Campbell, contributor
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For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, today, June 20 (at 7:59 PM EDT to be exact) is the summer solstice, a major celestial event resulting in the longest day and shortest night of the year. With all that light, it seemed to me a celebration of sorts was an order and after seeing the awesome tea-cup lights that Jessica discovered at the Renegade fair, I started to wonder what other magic crafters were whipping up in the form of light fixtures.

My finds ranged from the practical to the outlandish. I love the idea of using a bottle or canning jar as a lamp base, since then you can fill it with anything you want. Crafter Jane Lake’s suggestions to use sea glass, costume jewelry and tulle, or potpourri were my favorites. Then this awesome birdhouse lamp from Cris in Oregon’s blog had me inspired, especially after Caitlin’s great post about birdhouses she found on Etsy.

And who would have thought that measuring tapes, CD’s, or photo-slides could make such awesome lamps? 

I’d say that even with a lightbulb in the equation, the possibilities are endless!

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Comments (1)

Laurel_Tuohy writes: Cool lights, Deana!
Check out this pendant lamp by resurface - it's made out of a microphone and I want it sooo bad!
Posted: 8:53 pm on June 20th
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