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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Happy Fathers Day to my father, the late James Murphy.

Happy Father's Day to my father, the late James Murphy.

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Today, after the hand-crafted cards and gifts have been given and the homemade breakfast in bed has been served, I am going to take a few moments to reflect on my own dear father who passed away many years ago. My dad was not a crafty dad in the material sense. He never made us cookies, or treehouses, or cool tee-shirts. But he did know how to create instant fun no matter what we were doing or where we were because he was funny and had never lost his sense of play. My father was great at crafting a joke and he was an amazing raconteur, holding us all spellbound with his crazy-funny stories about his medical school hijinks and baseball triumphs. In addition to teaching me the value and grace of being a good sport (we were Red Sox fans) he was also a great example in the art of reception. My siblings and I were always making him things and he treated each object with a reverence that made us feel special. His wallet was literally stuffed with things that we had made for him and he actually carried his cash around in his pocket. I'm lucky that my dad made me able to see the funny side of anything, able to dust myself off and believe in a 'next time' success and most importantly, the confident knowledge that no matter what it is--I can make it.

So Craft Stylish readers, we want to know: what did your dad make you?




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VictoriaNorth writes: When I saw this post I was immediately inspired to write about all the things my father has made for me over the years. I thought of all of the memories I have of paper crowns for my dog and I, my doll house (dubbed the mouse house), a collapsible work table to use for my games, a bookcase to house my books (a love of mine even as a child), and the refinished table sitting in the living room of my apartment right now. I have never really thought about my dad as being crafty. He is just always there to help me, whether it was making me gold foil wings for a school project or helping me frame photos for Christmas gifts. Thanks dad, for passing along your creativity to me without my even knowing it.

Happy Belated Father’s Day!

Posted: 8:15 pm on June 16th
walkinthewoodsllc writes: I have several items of my dad's. Some were his that he used while in this life (like the desk and chair I'm sitting in at the moment), and his WWII dog-tags, some are items that he made ... but one item I have that he made is a lovely coffee table - and I often wonder if he knew that he was making it FOR ME at the time.


Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!
Posted: 12:03 am on June 16th
Asia_Tatiana writes: My name is Asia and I am new here. My father made us a stage in the backyard and we used it to put on performances and skits. He even sewed a big curtain with my mother and hung it on a rod so that we could make our entrances. When my parents moved we were more sad to have to leave that stage than the house!
Happy Father's day Dad!
Posted: 8:01 pm on June 15th
Carriecan writes: Hi! I was trying to leave a comment and then I realized that I had to join LOL!
Thanks for this post. My dad died last year and I miss him so much today--but your post reminded me of the doll house that he built for me when I was six. He was a general contractor and he had built our house in Michigan (where I'm from) He used the same wall-paper and carpeting that was in our own house. When I think of all of the detail that he put into it, it makes me smile. I loved that doll-house and spent hours playing in it.
Posted: 4:18 pm on June 15th
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