How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Craft the Ways

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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This engaging page is from a scrapbook made by Allatseawithabucketandspade.  Whats your crafty proposal?

This 'engaging' page is from a scrapbook made by Allatseawithabucketandspade.  What's your crafty proposal?

Photo: Courtesy of Allatsea/Flickrz

When I look deep into my own crafty heart, I realize that the main reason I love to make things is that crafting extends my personal feelings or sentiments and expresses them in three dimensional reality. It is by making things that I can say what words can not. I am a hopeful romantic and for me there is nothing more satisfying than letting my crafty talents fly and creating an extravagant expression of my heart's desire. That's why I love to hear the power-of-love DIY stories of how someone goes from being single to becoming engaged.

My favorites are the ones where some lovestruck crafter went the distance and created a moment that is unforgettable. I know of a woman who was so flustered and surprised when her boyfriend took off his suit jacket to reveal a hand-stitched "Will You Marry Me?" on the back of his workshirt, that she didn't actually respond. She felt so badly that she spent the better part of the next day with a needle and thread and stitched an enthusiastic "Yes" onto the bodice of her dinner dress.

Has someone ever popped the question to you in crafty style?

Have you created a special remembrance of an engaging moment?

Tell us about it. It's Marriage Day and we could use a little romance.

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