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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Stitch N Pitch started here in Seattle at Safeco Field.  Fans knit and cheer the guys home.
A Safeco field umpire offers consolation after the Mariners slip a stitch (just kidding.)
You too can be the envy of the outfield in this hand-knit baseball cap: go to Stitch N Pitch to get a free pattern.
Stitch N Pitch started here in Seattle at Safeco Field.  Fans knit and cheer the guys home.

Stitch N Pitch started here in Seattle at Safeco Field.  Fans knit and cheer the guys home.

Photo: Gregg Snodgrass

I am a die-hard Red Sox fan and one of the big reasons that I love baseball is that it is the perfect crafting sport. Whether they win or lose I can sit back and rant about how they could have done it better with the superior satisfaction that at least I haven't wasted any time--I just completed a sweater! Seriously though, I attended my first Stitch N Pitch game last year here in Seattle and it was a complete blast. Not only was there the camaraderie of my baseball fellows, we were also bound by our love of needlework: the exqusite double-play! I loved watching that game and knitting (or embroidering, crocheting, sewing...) along with hundreds of others. It was baseball and stitching bliss.

This year The National Needle Arts Association (TNNA) has sweetened the experience by adding Minor League games into the roster and their website has been juiced up too. Not only will you find a complete listing of the Stitch N Pitch national calendar, you can sign-up for free e-newsletters with details about free patterns and giveaways (check out the fetching and free knit baseball cap pattern) and then post pics of your Stitch N Pitch creations in the gallery.

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creddy writes: Thanks for posting this!! I had to follow a lot of links to find my minor teams dates, but it's on my calendar -- yay!!!

Here's the link for the minor league teams:

Posted: 11:28 pm on January 13th
sofiyac writes: I will definitely email you about the Baseball stories. We're including the video in the exhibit, so if you submit you'll be able to see yourself here at the Museum -- alongside people like Terry Francona and Johnny Pesky! In the meantime, I'm going to run downstairs with the digital camera to take a picture of the knitted brain...
Posted: 2:49 pm on June 18th
Asia_Tatiana writes: I love reading all of this. I want to go to a Stitch N Pitch too, and I'm not even a baseball fan! The photo with the umpire made me laugh!
Posted: 9:30 am on June 18th
MichaelaMurphy writes: Oh, I forgot to ask--Please send me a picture of the knitted brain! I MUST see this. Or can I see it online???
Posted: 9:26 am on June 18th
MichaelaMurphy writes: Hey! Greeting s from Red Sox Nation West. I was bummed to see that Fenway does not have a Stitch N Pitch game this season and I am finding out how to go about bringing one to a Major League team--I will post details as I get them.
Thanks for the heads up on the baseball exhibit--I am going tobe in that next of the woods later on this summer and I will definitely check it out.
BTW, I do have a terrific baseball story and it is going to go live on August 29th as part of The Moth podcast. If you'd like more details you can email me at [email protected]
Posted: 9:23 am on June 18th
sofiyac writes: Wow, I live in the Boston area and would love to join a stitch n pitch at Fenway. This is the first time I've heard of this but what a brilliant idea! Totally agree about baseball being the perfect crafting sport. BTW I happen to work at the Boston Museum of Science where we just opened Baseball As America, it's the final stop of the Hall of Fame's traveling exhibit. If you're ever back in Boston you should check it out! (And while you're at the Museum, you can also check out the amazing knitted brain we have on exhibit. Seriously! :-)) We're also looking for photos and video of good baseball stories to include online and our exhibit. As a fellow crafter, I hope you and any other stitch n pitchers might consider submitting stories online at mos (dot) org.
Posted: 8:40 pm on June 17th
MichaelaMurphy writes: Married in Cooperstown? Oh, you're a girl after my own heart! I would suggest contacting TNNA and asking how to get one going in your area. I am going to make some inquiries of my own and I will get back to you in a day or two with some answers.
Posted: 4:35 pm on June 17th
PickleWife writes: How can I get this started in my town! I lways take my crochet anyway and I would love to see others do it as well! I couldn't be a better candidate to belong to this group after all, I can almost crochet in my sleep and I was married at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY!
Posted: 1:40 pm on June 17th
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