1,000-Strand Extreme Knitting

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Tina_Hilton Tina Hilton, contributor
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A combination of colors and fibers make a magical mix.
The 1,000-strand group of yarn was wound together to make the yarn for knitting up.
This is the finished product!
A combination of colors and fibers make a magical mix.

A combination of colors and fibers make a magical mix.

Photo: Emma Bradbury aka knitwit. on Flickr

Rachel John is the pioneer in the Extreme Textiles movement. Her tremendous influences in yarn and woodcraft over the past several years have been spreading worldwide. Using enormous hand-hewed wood knitting needles and seemingly impossible multistranded yarn, Rachel creates one-of-a-kind knitted pieces. This enchanting video will inspire you to try your hand at extreme knitting on a scale comfortable to you. This mind-blowing feat was performed in October of 2006 for the very first Unravel knitting festival near London. Rachel set a new world record by hand-knitting 1,000 strands of yarn on giant needles at the show.

Check out Rachel John's website and online store for the tools and ideas to get you started.

For more information about other knitting events across the pond, visit the British Hand Knitting Association online.

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Comments (6)

nettiejdear writes: Just watched the video of the 1,000 strand knitting project - how cool was that? Really artistic endeavor - it inspires me to go grab a bunch of my different yarns and try it on a much smaller scale of course, to make a purse - I love to knit purses, but hadn't thought of trying to incorporate a bunch of different fibers all at once. It would make the purse thicker and maybe more structured.
Posted: 1:43 pm on February 9th
MaraH writes: Wow, what an amazing journey that must have been for you. It was amazing to watch.
Posted: 3:39 pm on February 8th
PoochPal writes: Tina, Thanks for sharing this incredible art installation. It looks like a waterfall of color and to see what went into creating such an expression of art was truly amazing. Enjoy your posts so very much! Keep them coming.
Posted: 2:32 pm on January 30th
Jen1964 writes: Thanks for the tip - always interested in other good knitting sites, since no devoted knitter ever really gets enough!
Have to love the giant knit! It has the appeal of the giant legos, for the fun-at-heart. I've knitted up to 4 strands, but that's it. You know, thick placemats, on oversized needles. I guess I'll have to try more! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Posted: 8:43 am on January 10th
Tina_Hilton writes: Check back next month for my very own multi strand project!
Posted: 7:34 am on January 7th
FaveCrafts writes: That is awesome!
Posted: 5:51 pm on January 6th
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