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Jen_W Jennifer Worick, contributor
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Now that the holidays are over, Im turning my attention to finishing a gift for myself: my Obamarama shawl.

Now that the holidays are over, I'm turning my attention to finishing a gift for myself: my Obamarama shawl.

Photo: Jennifer Worick

As usual, as the holidays wind down, my depression ratchets up. The ornaments get packed back up in tissue, the pine needles are swept from the floor, the lights are taken down. Family and friends return to their lives and I return to my day-to-day existence with deadlines and pressure.

And then there’s the craft letdown.

After the rush to finish the pounded silver earrings for my best friends, the stamped bracelet for my mom, the cowboy cookies that I ate more than I gave away, the knitted hat that I gave in open defiance of the dreaded boyfriend curse, and various body lotions and potions for hostess gifts, I should be relieved. But I’m sort of at a loss as to what to do now. I listlessly picked up an almost-completed Obamarama shawl that I’m knitting with a feather-and-fan pattern, but I just feel selfish and indulgent taking time to make something for myself (giving away this laborious yet lovely project is not an option) after focusing on others for so long.

This, let me tell you, is a rare feeling.

The crafting payoff, as I’m sure it was for all of you, was gratifying, with recipients “oohing” and “ahhing” over their handmade treasures. Nothing compares to the feeling of making a gift for someone that is customized and perfectly fits his or her tastes, personality, or giant head. It’s the crafter’s high, and I’m desperate to repeat the feeling as soon as possible.

I need to have a crafty fix to look forward to, or I’m going to bottom out (which for me means watching Rock of Love marathons and eating pizza without pause).

So I’m looking at the calendar and seeing what gift-giving opportunities are on the horizon. If I start now, I might be able to embroider a dishtowel with Madonna’s face (before she started to morph into Cher, that is) in time for Sacha’s birthday. I already have something in mind for Valentine’s Day, if that boyfriend curse doesn’t rear its ugly head before then. And let’s not forget about New Year’s. I have a couple of days to power out some batches of sweet treats, bead a necklace or two, and pour a scented candle for my New Year’s Eve hosts.

And you know, there’s always that shawl to finish by Inauguration Day. Maybe the silver lining in the aftermath of the holidays is that we can all pick up our abandoned projects and get back to them. Goodness knows, I’ll be over the moon over a hand-knitted garment so thoughtfully made to suit me.

What are you excited to work on, now that the holidays are coming to a close?

In the future, you can find me at my website or blogs, Things I Want to Punch in the Face and Prairie Tales. My new book, Backcountry Betty: Crafting with Style, is in stores now.

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Comments (4)

eveh writes: I am going to try a new craft to start the year off. I want to make a doll and learn to crochet. I know how to knit, but everyone tells me, crocheting goes faster. I am going to do some paper crafts too. I bought all these books and there they sit, making me feel guilty. IF I do at least one project from the books, I will have less quilt. LOL
Posted: 2:23 pm on February 7th
dhop76 writes: I can relate completely! I'm hoping to get back to finishing a sweater for myself. It's made from Rowan Summer Tweed so hopefully it will be done by this Spring!

Posted: 10:34 am on January 4th
MichaelaMurphy writes: Oh, I very much identify with this. Around five o'clock on Christmas Eve I finally finished my last hand knit scarf (and set a new personal record-- five hand knit scarves in one week!) and then I felt a little lost to have my hands empty for the first time in a while. I sat around the dinner table, Christmas tree, and fireplace thinking that maybe I should get my needles out and knit just to give my restless hands something to do. I decided that a little craft withdrawal was something that I could withstand--although it is hard to eat and entire tray of Christmas cookies while knitting. Happy Holidays Jen!
Posted: 1:05 pm on December 31st
rosamarie writes: I'm actually excited about a few projects that I hope to complete in January. Martha Stewart has a no knit scarf pattern. I tried the technique with some left over scrap yarn and liked it so much I bought some nice wool to make another usable scarf for myself. I'm also going to sew a diaper bag for a neighbor and hopefully make some pajama pants for myself. I bought fleece and flannel to make them extra warm.
Posted: 8:41 pm on December 29th
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