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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Threadbanger is to fashion what Flight of the Concords is to Rock N Roll.

Threadbanger is to fashion what Flight of the Concords is to Rock N Roll.

Photo: Courtesy of Threadbanger

Do you identify at all with this scenario: you arrive at a chic restaurant to meet a close friend for lunch. The slightly intimidating hostess takes one look at you and instantly knows exactly who it is that you are meeting. The hostess is able to make this quick determination because you are wearing what could only be described as 'you,' therefore you must be meeting that 'guy' who could only be described as 'him.' If this sounds like your fashion sensibility then meet your website: Threadbanger. The Threadbanger network is awesome and celebrates the ultimate in unique--you. Instead of running out to buy the very latest and hottest designer dream to make it down the runway, Threadbanger offers inspiration, excellent and practical how-to projects and oggles of support from other users who prefer to dress to the beat of their own drum.

Every Friday on Threadbanger you can watch the DIY-come-lately, Threadheads, hosted by Rob and Corinne. The show is a very up close and personal with DIY groundbreakers, a full-range resource for restyle tips and how-to and an indie outreach featuring the new and noteworthy. You can watch past episodes on the site and they menu includes Threadhead classics like : Father's Day Special :Grilling 101

There are lots of ways to become involved on the Threadbanger site: you can watch or load your own videos, submit your own designs that may be featured on Threadheads or you can even pose a question to the Threadbanger audience for some savvy DIY advice. There are tons of projects to flip through, cool blog posts to read and what feels like a constant eruption of wild and crafty ideas. A ten-second tour through some recent blog posts revealed this wacked-out yet strangely lovely 'tissue paper wedding dress,' or some unconventional but totally useful ways to display jewelry pieces. Threadbanger is really fun and like any truly great cultural experience not everything will appeal to everyone (thank goodness) but in everything you can see some heart and soul shining through.

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