CraftStylish RoundTable: Crafty Resolutions for 2009

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Can you imagine 365 of these adorable robots? Erika Kern has resolved to make one a day, every day of 2009 (go, Erika!). Whats your crafty resolve for the New Year?

Can you imagine 365 of these adorable robots? Erika Kern has resolved to make one a day, every day of 2009 (go, Erika!). What's your crafty resolve for the New Year?

Photo: Erika Kern

There is nothing like the frenzy of the holiday gift-making season to get crafters seriously thinking about how they are going to do it differently from now on. How ironic that hot on the heels of holiday giving comes New Year's and the tradition of declaring one's intentions for the next 12 months. Last week, as I set a new personal knitting record, I thought of a few resolutions to commit to in the new year and that got me thinking about how it is one thing to think about the resolutions that we would like to make and quite another to actually commit to making a resolve to change. This week our bloggers share their crafty resolutions for 2009. What are your crafty resolves for the New Year? Post yours in the comment section below.

Happy New Year!!!

Linda Permann:

Every year I make the same resolution—take at least one class to learn/improve on my skills. In 2008 I went to several sewing classes at my local Bernina store, and took a ceramics class where I finally learned to throw pottery. Both of those were in the early half of the year, and then I got busy teaching my own classes. I'd really like to take a few more classes this year—possibly another ceramics class, and maybe some sewing and knitting workshops. I always learn something new when I take a class, even when it's a technique I'm already familiar with.

Erika Kern:

Gulp! Okay. . . I'll officially say it. . . my crafty resolution is to make one robot a day, blog about it, and, hopefully, turn the whole experience into a book. I see it as a coffee table/craft book with pictures of each of the 'bots and group pictures at the end of each month. That's the plan anyway. . .

Jennifer Worick:

To finish all the set-aside and aborted projects I have lying around. To become a better seamstress. To take more risks and
be willing to fail.

Jeffery Rudell:

Every year I resolve to do the same things and this year is no different. Jeffery's List of Resolutions is as follows:
1. Be fearless. (This, for me, usually means saying yes to things I'm not quite certain I can do. The result is I sometimes feel a little less sure of what I'm doing but the payoff comes on those occasions when I surprise even myself and create something wonderful.)
2. Be patient when things go wobbly (which happens with some frequency in my craft world).
3. Remember that elegant designs come from clear ideas. (I spend more time clarifying my ideas than I do in crafting my projects. Experience has shown me that nothing leads to more hassles and frustration than an idea that has not been clearly thought out in advance.)
4. Combine work with play (the ultimate measure of success as far as I'm concerned).
5. Limit my hours. (For a self-employed crafter, I tend to work all the time. I've found I'm much more productive when I give myself a well-defined work week that requires me to step away from my projects at regular intervals so that when I return to them I am refreshed and reinvigorated.)
6. Do more this year than I did last year. (This seems counterintuitive simply because I seem never to have enough time LAST year so how could I possibly do more THIS year. But, despite it seeming illogical and impossible, I've found that when I set this goal for myself, I always—always, without exception—meet it. It seems I'm the sort of person who responds well to a challenge, even one I set for myself.)

Happy New Year to all.

Diane Gilleland:

In 2009, I resolve to finally finish that messenger bag I began crocheting in 2007

Tina Hilton:

Last year I vowed to scrap New Year's resolutions when I failed to stay on my new diet for more than 24 hours but I'll give it one more chance for craft related goals. Knitting has brought me so much comfort and joy that I resolve to teach 3 people to knit this year. I also will finish 3 quilts in my UFO pile. I have a bad habit of finishing only one sock so, I will learn to knit two socks at a time and finish 3 pairs of socks. Check back with me at the end of 2009.

Kayte Terry:

This sounds like a bit of a selfish resolution but I resolve to make more things for myself this next year. I've spent the last few years making lots of things for book and magazine projects, craft fairs and of course gifts and I never leave time to make things for me.
People always ask if I am wearing anything I have made and I am often embarrassed to say "no" because I never keep anything for me! I have a resolution every year to wear more handmade and buy a lot less so I am going to have to learn how to make things for me!

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Comments (3)

erika_kern writes: So. . . things happen, as they do. . . and I haven't gotten to start the robots. It's still in the works but might have to wait a month or two to get going. . . sometimes life gets in the way of crafts, darn life. . .
Posted: 2:21 pm on January 2nd
IggyJingles writes: I don't make resolutions, but I do make a list of goals with a timetable. I'm reviewing my goal list from last year, and I see that I achieved some, including being published in a crafty magazine - thank you Craft Stylish!

However I didn't learn to screenprint - so that will be carrying forward to this year. I also plan on finishing the first draft of my screen play by August and entering at least two art doll making contests. One is in February and the dolls are about one third completed.

It's a good feeling to get some goals finished early in the year.

Best wishes to everyone here for a great and creative 2009.

Robyn Coburn
Posted: 3:11 am on January 1st
darladawn writes: i planed on what kind of christmas cards to make for 2009
i got the clear stamps on sale from walmart
and then going to make deck out candle holder's for our trip in july to give out so i them on sale today for .33 aset at dirt cheap i have to find a good slae on more small beads to gule to the candle cups i have gilter to add to the beads to make it glo when there lite in the glass i got the candles for .50 for 7 or 8 in pk, so i should my christmas crafts set up for 2009 and then i make my cards all thur the year so i got lots of christmas cards on sale just to use there envelopes all thur the year
then i send the cards to my sister so where she works the make small books to share in the hospital for childern to have and there just out of cards i think that neat so i wont wast the cards i not going to use and i love to make baby wreathe after the babys are born so i try find things on sale to make them, i love great sales and i love to share craft supplys so i make craft boxes for my grandchildern craft stuff that was on sale so i stock up for them and my sister works in 2 older persons day cares so when i get great sale i box her stuff up that the can use to
it dont hurt to share with others my 2009 will be blessing and i so happy i can share with other or make crafts for others i put jesus frist in my life and so all things work together for them that love lord may you all have blessed new year in 2009
hugs prayers darla from pascagoula

Posted: 10:00 pm on December 31st
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