This Week on Craftstylish: 40 Years of Summer Love

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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A couple of weeks ago I was watching this crazy commercial on TV with Peter Fonda, of "Easy Rider' fame, hawking this multi-CD collection of songs from the late sixties. It was one of those long commercials and it featured all of these scenes from Woodstock, the anti-war marches in DC, and the wicked trippy happenings in San Francisco during the summer of love. The wild thing about watching this was that here we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the summer of '68 and the same styles, fashions, and free-love communal vibe are so much like the present day DIY crafting scene.

This week on Craftstylish we are going to explore exactly that: the groovy-come-full-circle of sixties style and the right-on DIY sensibilities that are making the world-go-round. It is just forty short years later and through the internet we are able to take the exhilarating 1960's desire to be a part of a global community and make a 2008 connection at lightning speeds and with personal style.

Keep an eye out for some posts on crafting then (1968) and crafting now, with some great examples on how some traditional techniques have been revised with modern efficency, like Daphne Adair's ,How To Swatch in the Round, or Jennifer Stern's awesome Mini-Tote Bag Tutorial.

And tis the season for weddings and graduations, we'll be rounding up some fantastic gifts and ideas on how to put some pomp in to your circumstance. We'll also be taking a look at the strange but true crafting phenomenom 'always a crafter never a craftee' You know where you spend most of your time creating amazing one-of-a-kind gifts for others but have never actually received anything handmade yourself? One Craftstylish solution is DIY. Natch. If you at all identify, you won't want to miss a Craftstylish look at how to go about having a made-to-order one of a kind treasure all to yourself.

This is just a smattering, look for great summer projects, expert how-to and cool and timely inspiration so that you get the maximum bang of summer's buck.

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