The Best-Kept Secret in the Knitting World: Craft Yarn Council of America

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This Fair Isle stunner was a big hit at the Knit-Out fashion show.
The 2008 Knit-Out and Crochet was a stunning success.
Teach a child to knit and you will have given a gift that will last a lifetime.
This Fair Isle stunner was a big hit at the Knit-Out fashion show.

This Fair Isle stunner was a big hit at the Knit-Out fashion show.

Photo: CYCA

According to Mary Colucci, executive director of Craft Yarn Council of America, the 38 million knitters and crocheters are reaching for their yarn in record numbers because it is a creative stress reliever, it's socially portable, and you can spend as little or as much as you wish.

Founded in 1980, the CYCA is dedicated to the promotion and education of the knitting and crochet arts. The organization is responsible for training Certified Knitting Instructors to share the love of knitting and crocheting nationwide. It is dedicated to spreading the good word and has made a huge impact with its public-awareness program Knit-Out and Crochet, which was launched in 1998. Volunteers organize both large and small events nationwide, offering free lessons on how to knit and crochet, fashion shows, demonstrations, show and tell, and charity knitting and crochet events. In February of this year, the second annual Knit-Out and Crochet at the Mall of America in Minneapolis rocked the knitting world with the birth of 800 new knitters and crocheters! Featuring knitting-world luminaries such as Vickie Howell, Debbie Macomber, and Nicky Epstein, the show delivers on fun, instruction, and camaraderie.

CYCA’s website ( is a treasure trove of helpful information. If you are just getting started on your knitting adventure, there are online Learn How tutorials to help you on your way. For the practiced knitter, Knit 911 provides answers to the most daunting challenges 24/7. Thanks to CYCA, uniform standards and guidelines have been instituted, eliminating frustration and providing a way for consumers to select the correct products to ensure a successful outcome.

Teaching knitters how to teach and spread the love is not the only way CYCA gives back to communities nationwide. The Warm Up America foundation benefits from generous donations of material and support by members of CYCA, which is comprised of the leading yarn companies, accessory manufacturers, and magazine and book publishers in the yarn industry.

Check out the Craft Yarn Council of America’s website to see how you can improve your knitting, share the craft, and give back to your community.

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