How to Whip Up a Set of Winter Wineglass Charms

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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These wineglass charms use some of my favorite little motifs.
Join each charm to a loop with a small jump ring.
These wineglass charms use some of my favorite little motifs.

These wineglass charms use some of my favorite little motifs.

Photo: Susan Beal

I love getting together with friends for dinner, especially in these chilly, dark winter months, and whether you're hosting or being hosted, a set of simple handmade wineglass charms is a perfect little extra for the table. I made this set with fun, inexpensive brass charms from Ornamentea. I've included some of my favorite motifs (like bicycles and stars!), but you can choose any style or type of charms or ornaments you like.

What you'll need (for four charms):

  • Four charms of your choice
  • Four small jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Four large wire loops with a drilled end (available at bead stores)

1. Arrange your charms together to make sure you like them as a set. When you've chosen the ones you want to use, open the four small jump rings and place one charm on each jump ring.

2. Use your pliers to securely close each ring. Place one ring onto each large wire loop.

3. Use your pliers to make a small 90-degree bend 1/4 inch from the open end of the loop. You should be able to slip the bent wire right into the drilled hole at the other end of the loop.

4. Open up a bottle of something nice and clink your newly charmed glasses!

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