Jewelry from Recycled Skateboards

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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Looking at my daughters skateboard, I cant get over how colorful the wood is under that sandpaper cover!

Looking at my daughter's skateboard, I can't get over how colorful the wood is under that sandpaper cover!

Photo: Katie Egan

Skateboard jewelry...who knew???  I got my daughter a skateboard for Christmas last year. It was a big to-do—I had so much fun picking out all the parts...the board, the wheels, ball bearings, and the trucks. (Trucks are the things that the wheels attach to and then they are bolted to the bottom of the board.) In the end, it cost a lot of money and the fun I had putting it together has been the most fun that board has mostly sits in the corner of her room. I've actually been contemplating trying it myself... 

Anyway, this month is recycle-reuse month, and I wanted to find some out-of-the-ordinary ways crafters are using old stuff to make new stuff. I came across The Natural News Network—all things go-green for the state of Rhode Island. I was originally interested because they have an annual fashion show called Runway Earth. Last year it was held on September 19th and all the fashions were created from old clothes, household junk, newspapers, plastic bottles, shopping bags, gift boxes...  I'll be keeping my eye out for the date in 2009!  As I poked around further, I came across the post about earrings, necklaces, and bangles that were made from old skateboards. Rhode Island skateboarder and crafter Katie Egan starts by punching circle shapes out of a broken board, which is made of multicolored layered maple-sugar veneers. Then she shapes, sands, and polishes them by hand to reveal their inner beauty. Looking at her stuff, I was really surprised to find out that she just started making skateboard jewelry last summer! Whether or not you're into skateboarding, this stuff is really cool. Click here to check her out—she takes special orders!

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Comments (5)

Nodan writes: The ring is beautiful, I like its colors and style.
Posted: 3:27 am on January 31st
sampan writes: I like prima-gold verymuch because it's very beauty
Posted: 4:17 am on January 25th
JenniferStern writes: Thanks for the tip bmwbzz....I agree, the all girl camp, school, or whatever definitely has something special...and I secretly envied the girl who played on the 'boys" baseball team!
Posted: 9:02 pm on January 16th
bmwbzz writes: this is a really cool idea ... BUT if you're daughter is still interested in skateboarding (and maybe too intimidated to try?), there are a bunch of all girl skateboarding camps (try 'girls learn to ride') she can go to as well as co-ed ones (woodward is a big one). anyway, i always like to encourage girls to take up non-traditional things and i think all girl camps are a really fun, empowering way to do it! (by the way, i went to a skateboard camp as an adult - it awesome!)
Posted: 1:52 pm on January 16th
Jen_W writes: This is seriously cool.
Posted: 9:06 pm on January 13th
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