Reorganized Craft Room Resolution Redux!

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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My newly reorganized bead shelf—tools, put-away palette, and seed beads on the top, stacks of labeled boxes below. Ive finished 10 boxes color-coordinated labels and have another 10 to go!

My newly reorganized bead shelf—tools, put-away palette, and seed beads on the top, stacks of labeled boxes below. I've finished 10 boxes' color-coordinated labels and have another 10 to go!


Photo: Susan Beal

It's seven days into my New Year's resolution to keep my craft room organized, and as usual my beading stuff has been the biggest challenge, but I've had some little successes, too! I thought I'd share a follow-up photo to show how I'm storing my newly labeled bead boxes and other tools and supplies.

On the top of this plain secondhand bookshelf, I'm keeping my go-to things easy to grab. On the left, I have my pliers and tweezers in this handy holder. In the middle, I have my loose beads rounded up (I'm now calling their container my put-away palette in my head, to remind me that yes, I do need to put the random things away!), and next to it, seed beads in tubes in a canister, and in their own larger containers, too.

Then below, I have my labeled bead boxes (10 finished in the photo, 10 to go when I have time to get the glue gun out again!) stacked in groups of five. I put colors I'm likely to use together, and also grouped the two boxes of metal charms together. too.

I'd love to see photos, or hear ideas, of how you're organizing your jewelry stuff, too—and a huge thank-you to Rachel at CRAFT: blog for featuring the beaded label how-to this week!

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Comments (2)

BeadStyleJane writes: Susan,
You are so clever. I wish I would have hooked up with you when I was looking for ideas to include in Beading 101. It's a special issue of BeadStyle magazine that's coming out in February. I too am trying to organize my bead stash. Congratulations to you for your creativity and all those little successes. I will make sure to make mention in the BeadStyle Editor's blog.
Posted: 5:27 pm on January 21st
Jen1964 writes: You could use that system for button collections, embroidery floss, lots of ideas. Love the idea.
Can't wait to see how the rest of your craft room does!
We're in here too snug to have room for a whole room for such fun; but I've got a shelf here and there dedicated to baskets of (organized) materials for my favorite fun. You have to do at least that much, or the rest of life "chokes out" the space for crafting. 22 years ago, when we lived in the Bronx, we lined up the table saw and band saw, and tool drawers IN THE FRONT HALL! It was the only space we could find for it, and we couldn't bear to give up my husband's workshop. So that's how it goes in our family. Crafts are ALWAYS more important than decorating - when they're our passion they're beautiful.
Just keep it safe! ...and INSPIRING!
Posted: 8:08 am on January 10th
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