Cat Teaser Toy

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Cat Teaser Toy
Teaser Toy
Cat Teaser Toy

Cat Teaser Toy

Photo: Jennifer

Using left over jingle bells, milk jug rings, an unused key ring, and fabric remnants cut into approximately 1" wide by 18" strips, I was able to create a fun teaser toy!

  1. Tie at least three strips of fabric into a knot.
  2. Braid the strips to a desired length and tie off into a knot. Be sure to leave several inches of a fabric tail for kitty to paw at!
  3. Wind the bells and milk jug rings onto the key ring. (You can also use several soda can tabs instead the bells.)
  4. Tie the key ring onto the end of the braid, just under the knot.
  5. Enjoy watching kitty play with her new toy.

This toy can be used in a variety of ways. Tie or hang it from a hook or knob for kitty to swat, use it in tug of war, or simply let kitty drag it around the house!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Kitten's Teaser Toy
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