How to Make a Creamsicle Body Polish

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Jen_W Jennifer Worick, contributor
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Rub this over your body for a calorie-free treat.
Raid the pantry to make an easy body polish.
A light olive oil is a perfect moisturizer for the skin.
Rub this over your body for a calorie-free treat.

Rub this over your body for a calorie-free treat.

Photo: Jennifer Worick

I'm not much of a baker; I make cookies around the holidays, but otherwise my baking ingredients sit idly on a shelf while I reach for the ice cream tub. I thought I'd reuse a few ingredients for a sweet treat to use on the outside of my body. This sugar body polish is downright decadent; just remember not to eat it.

While you can use whatever essential oil you fancy, I infused mine with a dash of vanilla extract and sweet orange essential oil for a calorie-free but no less delicious creamsicle treat.

  Rub this over your body for a calorie-free treat.

You'll need:

  • 1/2 cup light olive oil or another vegetable oil
  • 15 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 vitamin E capsule or 1/4 teaspoon vitamin E
  • 1-1/2 cups raw sugar
  • Large pot
  • 16-ounce glass or plastic container with lid
  • Measuring cups
  • Metal spoon
  • Metal tongs

Step 1: Sterilize the jar and tools in a hot-water bath: Fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil. As it's roiling, dip your jar (if you're using glass), cups, and spoon into the water bath using a pair of metal tongs. After 10 minutes, remove from the water with tongs and set aside to air dry thoroughly. If you use a plastic soup container (I have loads of plastic tubs, thanks to Chinese takeout and Whole Foods), clean thoroughly with soap and hot water, or clean chemically by wiping with hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2: Add the olive oil, essential oil, and vanilla extract to a small bowl. Puncture your vitamin E capsule, squeeze out the oil into the bowl, and mix thoroughly.

  A light olive oil is a perfect moisturizer for the skin.


  Add an essential oil to enhance the scrub's scent.


  Make sure to mix your oils thoroughly; otherwise they will look like this and not blend evenly with the sugar.

Step 3: Add the sugar to the mix and stir thoroughly with a metal spoon. When mixed, scoop into your container.

  Instead of salt, sugar is the less-abrasive way to polish the skin.

To use: Simply stick a finger or popsicle stick in the jar, mix up the body polish, step into the shower, scoop up a handful, and rub it on dry skin. Rinse off with hot water and marvel at your skin's velvety texture.

  Scoop your scrub into a plastic takeout tub.

Note: Clean up the tub after use so you don't leave an oil slick for the next unsuspecting bather.

Makes approximately 2 cups

  Affix a recipe card to the tub's lid with Mod Podge.

Packaging ideas: Fill out a recipe card and cut to fit the tub's lid, coat both sides with Mod Podge, and affix to your lid. Let dry and then add two more coats of Mod Podge to the card to preserve it. Or reuse a glass container, such as a large salsa jar, and affix a label to the lid to cover the previous text. Cover the label with clear plastic tape to preserve it (sugar and oil can wreak havoc on your label). You can also affix buttons or shells to the lid with a hot-glue gun for a more decorative presentation.

In the future, you can find me at my website or blogs, Things I Want to Punch in the Face and Prairie Tales. My new book, Backcountry Betty: Crafting with Style, is in stores now.

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itsforfun writes: I can't wait to make this. How long will it last out? Does it need to be refridgerated if not used right a way? I would like to make some ahead of time to give as gifts.
Posted: 11:39 pm on June 8th
whimsy_chidori writes: This is an awesome idea. I want to make this for my friends for Christmas, just one question- How many uses do you get with two cups?
Posted: 11:16 pm on May 7th
LindaPermann writes: My friend made me this for my bday this year- and it really does make my skin soft! (Also, it really does leave an oil slick, so take Jenn's advice about cleaning the tub).
Posted: 3:34 pm on April 24th
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