Get Crafty with the Orla Kiely Home Collection!

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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These boxes hold my ribbon straw flower materials and current beading project nicely.
Im using these hanging bags for my fabrics, both larger flat folds and smaller bits for quilting.
My ribbon straw skeins and flower looms fit perfectly in this flowered box.
My current beading project is neatly arranged in this desk tray, perfect for taking from room to room or stashing away when Im too busy to do it!
These boxes hold my ribbon straw flower materials and current beading project nicely.

These boxes hold my ribbon straw flower materials and current beading project nicely.

Photo: Susan Beal

I bought four flowered pieces from the new Orla Kiely home collection at Target this week, and they've become my go-to craft supply wrangling solution in just a couple of days! I am storing my favorite fabrics in flat folds in the hanging bags, suspended from the rail in my craft room closet. The wider one holds larger yardage pieces, and the narrower one is perfectly sized for fat quarters and other smaller pieces—and you can see everything in a glance, which is so nice for next-project planning.

The desk tray is just the thing for a streamlined and portable beading design setup—it holds an entire plastic organizing tray (this one has my metal charms, and I snapped the lid off for convenience and so I can instantly see the contents while I'm working on this project), pliers, wire, beads, and findings, and the lined surface is grabby enough to hold the tools and boxes in place. I have everything I need in one place for a new necklace I want to make with charms and beads wire-wrapped together.

I love my ribbon straw flower supplies I've gotten from CraftStylish's own Cathy of California, and this neat little tapered-sided box is perfect for holding the skeins, looms, and finished pieces.

Of course, you can adapt any shoe and sweater bags and good-sized storage boxes to use for these types of things, but I love Orla Kiely's floral prints, and it was a real treat to find something so pretty and inspiring to use!

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Jen1964 writes: I was on "bins" for craft storage for many years... then something wonderful happened... we rearranged a bunch of furniture and wound up with a spare dining room hutch in the living room. (Still don't know why, exactly)... and no where to stash the yarn, embroidery, and ceramics... You guessed. Everyone loves the display, and the drawers & cupboards are SO handy, I just parked my recliner next to it, and added a light. HOME & HEAVEN! Now my bins work for other stuff, and family time = craft time.
Posted: 12:30 pm on February 7th
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