I Heart Pets Caption Contest

I Heart Pets Caption Contest

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comments (119) February 12th, 2009     

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Pet Projects by Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne. The Taunton Press, 2009.

Pet Projects by Sally Muir and Joanne Osborne. The Taunton Press, 2009.

Photo: Diana Miller

And the winner is...

Mr. Bunny has just discovered where angora comes from, and he is not pleased.

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Comments (119)

sewcraftyithurts writes: Wearing my ears down makes me look more mature. I'm only 20 weeks old.
Posted: 8:49 am on March 8th
ritadona writes: I'm a Basset Hound, you dope. Impressions. That's all I got.
Posted: 9:40 pm on March 4th
cowgirltazz writes: Don't blame me for the curtains, the wife picked them out.
Posted: 12:52 pm on March 4th
beatmaid writes: " Another encore? I know I am popular, but 10 returns...It is hare raising!"
Posted: 4:15 pm on March 2nd
beatmaid writes: " I am not about to wear that!"
Posted: 4:13 pm on March 2nd
Clarissa writes: "I'm telling you, orange Is the new black."
Posted: 12:27 pm on March 2nd
SarahPenny writes: I need an ear lift.
Posted: 12:04 am on March 2nd
joycethreads writes: I can't remember. And even if I did, I'm not sure I would tell on Fluffy. She's almost like a sister to me.
Posted: 7:58 pm on February 28th
Ideezine writes: I just took an e-course online on visuation. If I just close my eyes and envision carrots. In rows, orange with green tops, on navy blue background...the first vision should look like a curtain. Remaining focused is the key, I thick I see something...can't wait to blog about this.
Posted: 3:40 pm on February 28th
onlyGG writes: Alright, who woke me up?
Posted: 3:24 pm on February 28th
Posted: 2:01 pm on February 28th
CostumeMichelle writes: These carrots have EXTRA fiber!
Posted: 12:12 am on February 28th
MsMae writes: "I am not petulant!"
Posted: 11:34 pm on February 27th
kerbygirl writes: yeah, well I bet YOU wish you had long ears and short legs!
Posted: 11:18 pm on February 27th
LauraMM writes: I'm content now that the cat flap is gone and I have my couture curtain. Hmmm...
Posted: 7:02 pm on February 27th
BeadStyle_Stacy writes: "Silly rabbit, knits are for kids!"
Posted: 3:18 pm on February 27th
rollinghills writes: I am having a bad HARE day! See what this humidity is doing,it's making my ears flop.
Posted: 2:03 pm on February 27th
ArtistryArts writes: Funny Bunnies Are Our Friends.
Posted: 8:42 am on February 27th
lsmucker writes: Guard rabbit here, on duty, no-one gets past me.
Posted: 1:49 pm on February 26th
cpb7903 writes: Bunnies with big brains make better crafters
Posted: 1:43 pm on February 26th
crochet4joy writes: don't even think of shaving me for more fiber for your stash!
Posted: 6:48 pm on February 25th
anne_disaster writes: "im a HOT BUNNY! Check it and see! Just look at all those Peppers following me! HOT BUNNY! A HOT BUNNY!!!"

::u know like that song....:: yeah i know right. lol.
Posted: 4:34 pm on February 25th
cinders19 writes: What do you mean carrots are out of style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 3:32 pm on February 25th
flyme2themoon writes: Pretty fancy for a "Flop" house !
Posted: 9:48 am on February 25th
GrandmaCindy writes: I told you I was allergic to wool. Now look, I'm all puffy.
Posted: 9:40 pm on February 24th
ImaMes writes: Don't even THINK about it!!
Posted: 11:33 am on February 24th
KraftyKatKid writes: What's up, doc? I still miss my carrot patch!!!
Posted: 11:32 pm on February 23rd
kmsgoingcrazy writes: How do you like the new curtains?
Posted: 8:58 pm on February 23rd
ALantain writes: what do you think? Are the carrots too much?
Posted: 7:21 pm on February 23rd
shewhosews writes: "Do these ears make my butt look big?"
Posted: 5:16 pm on February 23rd
emtheartcomfort writes: I asked for carat studded ear clips... not a carroted door slip!!!
Posted: 3:40 pm on February 23rd
patita writes: This toasted marshmallow puff needs some love.
Posted: 11:08 am on February 23rd
TinaMarie89 writes: Give me the carrots and I won't bite! Promise!
Posted: 10:58 am on February 23rd
ReallyIrish writes: "I don't feel so well..."
Posted: 10:48 am on February 23rd
threadnic writes: Are you serious? Do I look like the Easter Bunny?
Posted: 7:59 pm on February 22nd
debif writes: CURTAINS????? Somebody give me REAL carrots and nobody gets hurt!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 7:01 pm on February 22nd
sumoma4 writes: yes, i'll be going as a violin on halloween
Posted: 4:02 pm on February 22nd
annfrieda writes: I just found out I'm not an angora!
Posted: 3:26 pm on February 22nd
jscott56 writes: L like the name Hoppy Floppy.
Posted: 3:23 pm on February 22nd
becgordo writes: Really, fitting rooms are not nearly as private as they used to be!
Posted: 2:12 pm on February 22nd
twinfactory4 writes: My mother was right...if you make a naughty face and you are not careful...it will stay that way!
Posted: 2:11 pm on February 22nd
PurplePanda writes: If the curtian is closed, I am not to be disturbed. Oh, time for a bunny-nap...
Posted: 8:53 am on February 22nd
Jackieann writes: I would hop on over if you promise to give me carrots instead of donuts.
Posted: 8:26 am on February 22nd
Debbsie writes: Really, Mommy, it wasn't me. I didn't do it.
Posted: 2:46 am on February 22nd
beanqueen writes:

Beware of Attack Rabbit!
Posted: 12:54 am on February 22nd
Louella writes: What do you see in my ink spot?
Posted: 12:36 am on February 22nd
1aCracker writes: "Flopping for carrots!"
Posted: 10:00 pm on February 21st
Tango99 writes: "Oh, Pat! Look what was behind Carrot Curtain Number 1! Can we keep him, please?"

Oh okay, Vanna. If he'll make you happy, BUT you've got to take those awesome curtains with him! They bring out the color of his eyes."
Posted: 9:34 pm on February 21st
maryhada writes: "Do these ears make me look fat?"
Posted: 8:57 pm on February 21st
Raechal writes: Do I look that dumb to you? Did you really think I would appreciate the curtains? Maybe you might appreciate an authentic game of search for the real bunny pellets in your beautiful pristine abode. I think it would as fun as the curtains are. Yah, really. I'm starting now.
Posted: 8:50 pm on February 21st
spatty writes: I prefer REAL carrots, if you please...although, those ARE quite stylish.
Posted: 8:19 pm on February 21st
creativity writes: You think you know me, but you don't, since you're here, by chance do you know where I can find Roger Rabbitt?
Posted: 7:43 pm on February 21st
neisy66 writes: Now look what you've done #$%^&*, You've gone and made me mad.
Posted: 7:29 pm on February 21st
Heartprint writes: Carrot curtains, hmmm...Whats next, a cabbage patch comforter and matching pillow shams?
Posted: 7:20 pm on February 21st
Fwani writes: No, no, I wanted REAL carrots.
Posted: 7:12 pm on February 21st
sanctuary writes: how could you not love me?
Posted: 6:48 pm on February 21st
Wren73 writes: Caught red-hared in the carrot patch!
Posted: 6:25 pm on February 21st
Judithbaby writes: oh someone please translate bunny for my master, she made me carrots, I wanted to eat them not admire them
Posted: 6:00 pm on February 21st
denisestahl writes: carrots, of any kind, are my passion
Posted: 5:43 pm on February 21st
Germrev writes: "What do you mean, cute isn't enough? Do you expect me to stand up on my hind feet and juggle carrots or run after the dog"?
Posted: 4:20 pm on February 21st
eveh writes: Repeat after me, Bunnies are fuzzy, carrots are not.
Posted: 4:01 pm on February 21st
Halahblue writes: Bring me carrots and you may pass.
Posted: 3:50 pm on February 21st
Kostumer writes: I was dreaming of carrots!
Posted: 3:45 pm on February 21st
Vegakitty writes: What? Fabric carrots? Pfft!
Posted: 2:52 pm on February 21st
Ldesign writes: "This IS, my Happy Face!"
Posted: 2:49 pm on February 21st
MercedesViking writes: Helloooo? I AM standing up!
Posted: 1:30 pm on February 21st
Daphnelynn writes: I might not be Angora,but I am still cute and cuddly!!
Posted: 1:21 pm on February 21st
sstitches writes: Cozy Cottontail Cottage
Posted: 1:18 pm on February 21st
ktkatherine writes: Carrot soup for dinner AGAIN!?
Posted: 1:13 pm on February 21st
mommyval writes: You don't decorate YOUR room in bacon and eggs, why must mine be decorated with carrots?
Posted: 1:06 pm on February 21st
pioneer588 writes: Awwww, you know me so well!
Posted: 1:04 pm on February 21st
gracie_girl writes: Ooops, sorry that last entry should have read:

"I'd take a few bunny trails for a REAL carrot right about now!"
Posted: 12:52 pm on February 21st
gracie_girl writes: "I'd take a few bunny trails for REAL carrot right about now!"
Posted: 12:48 pm on February 21st
MsFit writes: This *is* me happy in the morning--get used to it.
Posted: 12:46 pm on February 21st
Kikisews writes: I love my curtain but where are the real carrots?
Posted: 12:43 pm on February 21st
grannysweeper writes: Has anybody seen my blankie? I want my blankie!
Posted: 12:39 pm on February 21st
matternu writes: Oh,no,she is at it again! I wonder what I'll be wearing for Easter
Posted: 12:08 pm on February 21st
dolllab writes: Thanks for the door curtain Mom
Posted: 11:35 am on February 21st
solemnraven writes: "I am not amused by your carrot trickery..."
Posted: 11:29 am on February 21st
cabaute writes: "I said I was awake, I never said I was happy about it!"
Posted: 11:26 am on February 21st
rachelhead writes: "Do your ears hang low?"
Posted: 11:22 am on February 21st
ClaraMay writes: Put down the camera, back away slowly and no one will get hurt.
Posted: 11:20 am on February 21st
thrums writes: Ear-warmers please.
Posted: 11:11 am on February 21st
Maravia writes: Witch way did they go?
Posted: 11:06 am on February 21st
tequello writes: Do you smell that?
Posted: 10:58 am on February 21st
trysh writes: "Do NOT make me try that on again!
Posted: 10:34 am on February 21st
squishy writes: OK!.. i promise not to hide my carrots in the curtains anymore.. can I come out of the corner now!
Posted: 10:24 am on February 21st
chef58 writes: I know it was my ears that turned him off.
Posted: 10:07 am on February 21st
PattyElsen writes: Okay, let's review...I said, "Put the carrots on my blanket, please..."
Posted: 10:04 am on February 21st
MercedesViking writes: Why, yes. I did make the curtains. Why do you ask?
Posted: 9:54 am on February 21st
chef58 writes: It was my ears. That's why he didn't call back.
Posted: 9:54 am on February 21st
vetnurse writes: Go green, fur it up.
Posted: 9:27 am on February 21st
kukkwan writes: I think I have good taste in home decor! You wanna make something of it?
Posted: 9:12 am on February 21st
LavenderLady writes: Oh, you really think so?
Posted: 9:01 am on February 21st
dramaqueen55 writes: Don't look at me! I didn't do it!
Posted: 8:53 am on February 21st
DragonflyDamsel writes: "I said....I wear a size 2 !"
Posted: 8:50 am on February 21st
pennyandcj writes: "Most Bunnies get a knitted sweater from their Grandmother for Christmas. I must be special to get knitted curtains with carrots".
Posted: 8:35 am on February 21st
Nadean writes: Hay,,Who took my carrots and posted them. that's my dinner.
Posted: 8:30 am on February 21st
Berstler writes: "Do I look amuzed? Wool carrots, very funny"
Posted: 8:19 am on February 21st
babycasper writes: i just want to stay in where it is warm
Posted: 8:17 am on February 21st
DIYMaven writes: Mr. Bunny has just discovered where angora comes from, and he is not pleased.
Posted: 8:14 am on February 21st
morningglories writes: I an NO "dumb bunny"-wait till they see my morning deposit in their "carrot" bank!
Posted: 7:49 am on February 21st
MainelyLoie writes: My fellow Americans......
Posted: 7:43 am on February 21st
TGIretirement writes: Do you see me? My ears are down and I'm not listening. Every day more bad news about the markets.......my carrots come from a market and they had better be secure!
Posted: 7:40 am on February 21st
Fizzdoodle writes: Um,yeah, I can have those curtains shredded in 4 hours. Make it 3. Yeah.
Posted: 7:16 am on February 21st
theverve writes: OK, where's my people slippers?!
Posted: 6:56 am on February 21st
zennie writes: Back away from the bunny...slowly.
Posted: 4:46 am on February 21st
patty1580 writes: Mom! Those are not real carrots!
Posted: 3:09 am on February 21st
rickelle writes: Give me the Mohair and no one gets hurt.
Posted: 4:03 pm on February 20th
1ofSeven writes: "Did someone say 'angora'? Now, that's not even funny...."
Posted: 3:24 pm on February 19th
Laurably writes: You're no bunny, till some bunny loves you.
Posted: 3:19 pm on February 19th
pbknits writes: Personally, I would have preferred the tent!
Posted: 1:32 pm on February 19th
jennielle9 writes: Come on in; I'll show you my swank pad.
Posted: 11:02 am on February 16th
feltedelf writes: Am I a decorating Diva or what?
Posted: 2:25 pm on February 15th
katjap writes: Bugsy Malone - Showdown at the Carrot Coral
Posted: 4:04 pm on February 14th
LAMPESLUMPS writes: "what are you looking at? I know I'm cute but that's no reason to stare"
Posted: 4:00 pm on February 14th
SilverStrand writes: "I want real carrots, please."
Posted: 8:53 am on February 14th
vintageinspiration writes: Here's my quote for the bunny "Don't talk to me until after I've had my carrot juice." A play on those of use who are grumpy before we've had our coffee!
Posted: 8:46 pm on February 12th
PetFancy writes: I will not be ignored!
Posted: 4:25 pm on February 12th
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