I Heart Pets Caption Contest

I Heart Pets Caption Contest

Pup in Garland

comments (100) February 12th, 2009     

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Comments (100)

sewcraftyithurts writes: Bobo knew she wasn't high society, but she figured with the right accessories she could blend in.
Posted: 11:53 am on March 8th
ritadona writes: Dog: "Does this mean you're still mad at me for that little 'anal gland thing'? 'Cause, you know, technically, that really wasn't my fault."
Posted: 10:07 pm on March 4th
cowgirltazz writes: Does this make my nose look pointy?
Posted: 12:57 pm on March 4th
Clarissa writes: "Now all I need are those rainbow suspenders and some flashy pins and I can work at one of those Friday night restaurant joints."
Posted: 5:12 pm on March 2nd
beatmaid writes: " My fashion sense has always been on the risky side, but I do think that this is even a bit short for me!"
Posted: 4:28 pm on March 2nd
SarahPenny writes: Maybe if I stretch my neck like this everyday I can get enough length to turn around and rip off this collar.
Posted: 12:10 am on March 2nd
joycethreads writes: Okay, Fluffy, we're almost there. Now push the cookie bag off of the counter. I promise, I'll share.....
Posted: 7:45 pm on February 28th
Posted: 2:08 pm on February 28th
Ideezine writes: I really feel like a professional interior canine designer now!
Posted: 1:18 pm on February 28th
CostumeMichelle writes: Who tied this cat toy around my neck?!
Posted: 12:29 am on February 28th
LauraMM writes: I'll do anything for a treat.
Posted: 6:33 pm on February 27th
cpb7903 writes: I'm cute! I'm cute! Now give me a treat.
Posted: 1:46 pm on February 26th
crochet4joy writes: I am so ready for the read carpet; quick, this is my good side.
Posted: 6:56 pm on February 25th
anne_disaster writes: yes, i love it! it really brings out the scraggle in my furr, no?
Posted: 4:45 pm on February 25th
cinders19 writes: don't you think it would look better on the cat?
Posted: 3:45 pm on February 25th
kimmer67 writes: I look like a joker.

Posted: 7:35 am on February 25th
GrandmaCindy writes: What did I do to deserve this!?!?
Posted: 10:01 pm on February 24th
ImaMes writes: There, I tried it on. Now can I take it off?
Posted: 11:23 am on February 24th
KraftyKatKid writes: I feel pretty...oh so pretty!!!
Posted: 11:23 pm on February 23rd
kmsgoingcrazy writes: Yeah, this'll be off in ohhh maybe five minutes. But thanks. I really love it!
Posted: 8:55 pm on February 23rd
emtheartcomfort writes: I told you... the colors aren't ME!
Posted: 3:58 pm on February 23rd
ReallyIrish writes: "Say what?!!!"
Posted: 10:53 am on February 23rd
debif writes: This think it choking me!!!!!!!!! Is it alive?????
Get it off, get it off!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 7:09 pm on February 22nd
blondbombshell69 writes: Do I look like a Christmas Tree with this Garland around my neck??? Just keep the mistletoe away from me.
Posted: 3:43 pm on February 22nd
annfrieda writes: I play Balthazar in "a midsummer nights dream!
Posted: 3:33 pm on February 22nd
becgordo writes: It's like I always tell the girls, accessories are key!
Posted: 2:19 pm on February 22nd
twinfactory4 writes: God, it's me. Please tell my dear pets to give me more delicious treats. I am serious this time. I will stop running after the post man if you help an old gal out, okay?
Posted: 2:16 pm on February 22nd
WDesi writes: This is just Glam!
Posted: 10:31 am on February 22nd
PurplePanda writes: You are never fully dressed with out accessories.
Posted: 8:42 am on February 22nd
Jackieann writes: If you want Christmas all year long, then keep the tree up!!
Posted: 8:06 am on February 22nd
dahliarose writes: Send in the clowns!
Posted: 8:06 am on February 22nd
Rosanne13 writes: It's just a little tight around the collar!!!
Posted: 8:01 am on February 22nd
Debbsie writes: I promise I'll be good if you'll just take it off.
Posted: 3:02 am on February 22nd
melliemo writes: Really?
Posted: 1:31 am on February 22nd
beanqueen writes:

I love you Mom, even though you make me wear strange things.
Posted: 1:24 am on February 22nd
Tango99 writes: Garden party ready!
Posted: 9:44 pm on February 21st
maryhada writes: "Neck warmers are just too, too chic."
Posted: 9:01 pm on February 21st
spatty writes: Let's go, I'm like ready to go to the park, dude!
Posted: 8:26 pm on February 21st
neisy66 writes: What is this? A doggie turtle neck? I'm choking!
Posted: 7:38 pm on February 21st
Fwani writes: Overdone? Yeah, I gotta say you should've stopped after ONE frill.
Posted: 7:24 pm on February 21st
Raechal writes: Dear Lord, I beseech you to intercede witn Saint Dympha, Patron Saint of the mentally ill, on behalf of my Mummy and Daddy for obvious reasons. Your humble servant, Fritzi
Posted: 7:06 pm on February 21st
Judithbaby writes: when you wish apon a star your dreams come true
Posted: 6:13 pm on February 21st
cubbieduke writes: Ruff n Ready
Posted: 6:10 pm on February 21st
denisestahl writes: I really wanted the gold one with sparkles!
Posted: 5:30 pm on February 21st
MyGem writes: All Glam and party ready!
Posted: 4:15 pm on February 21st
eveh writes: What happened? Didn't you have any leather scraps? I can't go styling around in this cotton thing.
Posted: 4:11 pm on February 21st
Selyasa writes: I got this at the flea market for a song.
Posted: 4:04 pm on February 21st
KatieRose7 writes: Does this thing have food involved?
Posted: 3:15 pm on February 21st
Vegakitty writes: Doesn't match with my fur.
Posted: 2:55 pm on February 21st
Punkinhead writes: What part of "tailored and elegant" don't you understand??
Posted: 2:29 pm on February 21st
Pepita writes: Nick, I think Asta needs a pipe too. Love Nora
Posted: 2:17 pm on February 21st
sstitches writes: "I'm Special. Now all the girls will want one."
Posted: 1:43 pm on February 21st
Daphnelynn writes: Oh mummy, I feel like a princess!
Posted: 1:23 pm on February 21st
grannysweeper writes: Okay, I think I've got it. When they say"And the winner is" I don't run up on the stage unless they call my name.
Posted: 1:20 pm on February 21st
mommyval writes: I'll wear it, but only if you wear one too
Posted: 1:15 pm on February 21st
pioneer588 writes: Next flight to Hawaii, I'm on it!
Posted: 1:10 pm on February 21st
gracie_girl writes: "No, I can honestly say I've never seen another neck brace quite like it...!"
Posted: 1:00 pm on February 21st
deedeevuu writes: I just had my colors done... I'm a spring.
Posted: 11:57 am on February 21st
dolllab writes: rag tips, just like me
Posted: 11:47 am on February 21st
sandyandcosmo writes: I'm holding my breath till you take this off of me!
Posted: 11:45 am on February 21st
solemnraven writes: "If i sit really still....maybe it will just fall off...."

Posted: 11:36 am on February 21st
rachelhead writes: "Pretty please get down with me"
Posted: 11:29 am on February 21st
ClaraMay writes: I can't move my neck!
Posted: 11:24 am on February 21st
thrums writes: Grrrr-ruffles
Posted: 11:14 am on February 21st
velvetsteel writes: striking the Barrymore
Posted: 10:55 am on February 21st
squishy writes: that's right!.. I don't want to be a dog!.. i want to be a clown!
Posted: 10:44 am on February 21st
trysh writes: Who, me? I haven't been in your closet, honest!
Posted: 10:43 am on February 21st
PattyElsen writes: I will wear the jester collar...but I will NOT do handsprings!
Posted: 10:36 am on February 21st
MercedesViking writes: Look! I've been ready for hours!

Posted: 10:34 am on February 21st
misaacmom writes: The scarf brings out the red highlights in my hair
Posted: 10:06 am on February 21st
eileen57 writes: Red Barron eat your heart out!
Posted: 10:06 am on February 21st
chef58 writes: Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup.
Posted: 9:57 am on February 21st
ekmillerlaw writes: Okay, you're getting your picture, I'm still, now where's my rawhide?
Posted: 9:46 am on February 21st
vetnurse writes: Mardi Gras, here we come
Posted: 9:37 am on February 21st
Mapie22 writes: It's what all the French Poodles are wearing this spring.
Posted: 9:19 am on February 21st
DragonflyDamsel writes: "What are you looking at...my sweater shrunk...I did NOT gain weight!"
Posted: 9:08 am on February 21st
dramaqueen55 writes: PLEEEEEEEEESE take it OFF! The cats will make fun of me again!
Posted: 9:06 am on February 21st
OnlyChildDesign writes: "Jest" for Fun
Posted: 8:54 am on February 21st
pennyandcj writes: "I must be on Candid Camera, How is my profile"
Posted: 8:51 am on February 21st
babycasper writes: now you really went overboard on this one
Posted: 8:46 am on February 21st
hazelcraft writes: Flower child (er,dog).
Posted: 8:38 am on February 21st
Nadean writes: I don't want to hurt your feelings but it just does not match my coat.
Posted: 8:38 am on February 21st
LavenderLady writes: Dear Lord, hear my prayer.
Posted: 8:35 am on February 21st
Miadp writes: Just a little too tight--can't look down.
Posted: 8:31 am on February 21st
morningglories writes: This is my best side!
Posted: 7:56 am on February 21st
TGIretirement writes: Dad....did you see what mom made for me? Now...can we take it off before we go for a walk?
Posted: 7:46 am on February 21st
Fizzdoodle writes: Please! Make me matching slippers too!!!
Posted: 7:37 am on February 21st
MainelyLoie writes: Feathers? You see feathers?
Posted: 7:28 am on February 21st
sarjenko writes: My street reputation has been tarnished.
Posted: 6:53 am on February 21st
zennie writes: Where are you planning on putting that matching handbag?
Posted: 4:48 am on February 21st
patty1580 writes: Are we done yet?
Posted: 3:14 am on February 21st
pbknits writes: This ruff is sooo soft.
Posted: 1:40 pm on February 19th
jennielle9 writes: T-bone says, "Eat your heart out, ladies!"
Posted: 11:03 am on February 16th
feltedelf writes: Don't I look simply divine darling.
Posted: 2:29 pm on February 15th
Laurably writes: RRRUFF!
Posted: 2:56 am on February 15th
tesshell writes: You have got to be kidding!!!!!! (aren't you)
Posted: 5:28 pm on February 14th
katjap writes: Retro Sheik - Even the puppies are missing the 60's
Posted: 4:15 pm on February 14th
LAMPESLUMPS writes: Do you think Sally down the street will notice me now, do ya??
Posted: 4:05 pm on February 14th
SilverStrand writes: "Can I join the circus now Mom? Can I? Can I?"
Posted: 8:54 am on February 14th
vintageinspiration writes: "Okay. You can take it off now."
Posted: 1:03 am on February 13th
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