How to Make Pet Photo Magnets

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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These magnets are easy to make with your favorite photos!
I used photos of Saoirse and Patches for my magnets.
The glass magnifies the photo underneath, which is a nice touch!
These magnets are easy to make with your favorite photos!

These magnets are easy to make with your favorite photos!

Photo: Susan Beal

Make up a set of glass-topped magnets with your favorite photos of your pets or anything else you'd like to brighten up your refrigerator! Since we don't have a pet of our own, I borrowed photos of my friend Sarah's Australian Shepherd Saoirse and Caitlin's kitty Patches for my project.

What you'll need:

  • Photos or color copies/prints of your choice, slightly larger than your glass pieces (mine were approximately 3/4 inch to 1 inch across)
  • Plain paper for backing
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glass flat-backed marbles
  • Clear silicone glue (I prefer DAP brand)
  • Magnets

Here's everything you'll need to make a set of magnets.

1. Cut out each of your images, along with equal-sized pieces of plain paper, larger than the glass pieces you'll be covering them with—I like to cut rough squares for simplicity. For each magnet you'll be making, you'll need one image and one extra piece of plain paper to back it with as an underlayer.

Add a generous dab of glue to the back of the glass marble.

2. Place your first glass flat-backed marble over your first image. When you are pleased with the placement, add a generous dab of glue to the flat back and press it right onto the image so it highlights the area you want to show. Now glue a second layer of plain paper onto the back as an underlayer, so that the dark magnet won't show through to the image front. Let the glue dry until it's set.

Press the glass right onto the photo, then add a layer of paper underneath.

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Comments (14)

genalorainne writes: Very cut and unique! now my refrigerator will look much better despite being empty.
Posted: 2:18 pm on May 14th
Carolebarrel writes:

A dear friend of mine saves flower images from garden/seed catalogues and glues them to square and rectangular magnets and now has a whole refrigerator full--so useful and colorful mosaic for reminders, notes, & photos of her grandchildren and pets among the garden images.

So cheerful to look at she sometimes forgets to cook dinner while having her afternoon tea in the garden before spring arrives. She decided to cook soup in the crockpot all fall and winter after breakfast...
Posted: 3:31 am on April 23rd
woodinhead62 writes: Hi there! I just joined Craftstylish forum after doing a google search for photo magnets. Really neat project! So simple, yet really neat! I realize that no one has posted on this article recently, but I just had to put my 2 cents in...
Having an addiction to all things in photo-craft, I thought this was very original! I love its simplicity, yet visual appeal. That's always my thing-what is striking to the eye.
I'm sure these would make excellent give-aways for a craft show! I great novelty, yet, very economical! I already ran out to Michaels(up the street from me!)and got some! I'll post some pics when I'm done! Meanwhile, thanx so much for this little gem of an idea!
Posted: 11:50 am on June 30th
DamarisA writes: Excellent idea!!! I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks for the idea.
Posted: 6:32 pm on May 21st
DeslynnW writes: Too cool for words.
Posted: 1:00 am on April 27th
CarlaT writes: Outstanding great idea!
Posted: 9:23 am on March 30th
susanstars writes: thanks, tabbott! I actually like cutting them by hand since my glass marbles are usually not an exact size or perfect circle shape. I used to use a 1/2-inch punch but it only looked good with similarly shaped ones and left gaps at the edges of the bigger marbles.

The nicely sized discs you found sound perfect, and what a thoughtful personalized gift for your students - how cool! I'd love to see them if you want to add them to the gallery :)
Posted: 2:38 pm on March 27th
Tabbott writes: Also- any craft store will sell a circle punch to use instead of scissors- makes for better accuracy and is quicker.
Posted: 12:06 am on March 27th
Tabbott writes: I bought these clear flat back disc on ebay- from sizes of 1/2 inch diameter to 2 inch diameter. I used these for management and graphing activities in my classroom. At the beginning of the year I took pictures of all my students, made their magnet and we use them for everything. At the end of the year the kids will take them home as mothers day gifts. I plan on coming up with a cute poem for them to include with the gift.
Posted: 12:05 am on March 27th
Mijau writes: I love this!!!
Posted: 5:55 pm on March 20th
susanstars writes: thanks everyone!

Dawn, I just saw your comment. I also buy some from a big craft store as well as other places and here are my suggestions:

-look for "clear" or "ice clear" on the label instead of "luster" or something like that. The iridescent ones are so much harder to see through for photos and images, I hate it when I accidentally get that kind.

-I usually assume about a third or half the glass bits won't be perfect so I sort them out and use them for something else - plant pots or mosiac or something? Or I just recycle them with the glass bottles.

-Have you tried looking at a pet supply store? Sometimes they have them with the aquarium stuff. Ditto a floral supply shop or larger florist with the arrangement supplies. I used to have a good source online and I wish I could recommend it, but they discontinued carrying them (bummer!) so now I look at craft, pet, and floral supply stores... and if it says luster it stays on the shelf! :)

Hope that helps, and I'd love to see your magnets if you want to share photos!
Posted: 3:47 pm on March 9th
DawnDotSaucyMinx writes: I randomly started doing this a few days ago... But just picked up some fishy rocks at a huge cooperate evil store who I will not let have the promotion here.
I used about half the bag when I noticed like have the bag was total crap! They were too iridescent or crazy spots in or on them.
If you are stupid and/or cheap, don't do it!
Meanwhile, where do I get a good price on them? I've been looking all day but haven't found one decent price on large ones without the iridescent and flat back.. Is this something hard to find or am I not looking in the right places?
Help please.

Posted: 11:28 pm on March 2nd
SewDanish writes: What a great idea. I will try to make some with my decorated, prited papers. I wonder if one could use a piece of embroidery.... Oh I feel a play day coming up :-)
Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies
Posted: 3:04 am on February 28th
Sister_Diane writes: So cute!
Posted: 10:34 am on February 23rd
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