How to Make a Collar Necklace with Button Bling

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Buttons look like jewels on this stunning collar necklace.
I placed my buttons very close together in the middle, then more scattered toward the ends.
Attach the chain to the collar.
Buttons look like jewels on this stunning collar necklace.

Buttons look like jewels on this stunning collar necklace.

Photo: Kayte Terry

Can I just start by saying that I am so excited that March is Button Month! Buttons are some of my favorite craft supplies; I have jars and jars of them and I love to think of new things I can do with them.

This button necklace came to life while watching the Oscars last Sunday. I was particularly taken by Amy Adams's jewel-encrusted collar necklace and thought, "I can make make something like that!" This button necklace is loosely inspired by Amy's stunning jewels.

What you'll need:

  • PDF of collar pattern
  • One 8-inch x 8-inch piece of fabric each for the front and the lining of the collar (I used silk for the front, cashmere for the back)
  • One 8-inch x 8-inch piece of heavyweight interfacing
  • Lots of buttons-I used about 50
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine and thread plus hand-sewing needle
  • Needle-nose pliers and wire cutters
  • Two soldered rings
  • Four 6mm jump rings
  • 12-inch chain
  • One necklace closure

The three pieces for your collar.

1. Print out the PDF collar pattern and cut it out. Grab the fabric for the front of your collar and fold it in half right side out, then place the foldline of the pattern onto the fabric fold. Trace with tailor's chalk and cut out. Repeat for the lining of the collar, but fold the fabric wrong side out. Also repeat for the interfacing (there's no front or back, so it doesn't matter how you fold it!).

2. Pin the interfacing to the wrong side of the lining and baste around the perimeter of the piece with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

3. Pin the front of the collar and the lining right sides facing. Sew around the perimeter of the collar with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving about 4 inches unsewn at the top part as shown. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Start sewing buttons to your collar. I used larger buttons toward the center of the collar.


Here is my finished collar.

4. Lay out the collar and start sewing buttons to it. To start, thread your needle, double the thread, and knot. To sew on each button, bring your needle in through the opening of the collar, stitch on a button, and knot on the inside to secure. You don't need to cut your thread each time you sew on a button, but you should knot each button. You can choose any color combination you like and sew on buttons tightly or more scattered. I chose a pearly color scheme and sewed the buttons on very close in the middle and then more scattered toward the ends of the collar.

Sew the soldered rings to the ends of the collar.

5. Sew a soldered ring to the ends of the collar, hiding your knots on the inside of the collar.

6. Finger-press the unsewn edges of your collar closed, then sew shut with an invisible stitch.

7. Open two jump rings and slide them onto the soldered rings.

8. Cut a piece of chain with your wire cutters. You can adjust the length of the necklace as desired, but I used a 12-inch piece of chain. Cut that piece in half. Slide one end of each of the pieces of chain onto the jump rings and close the rings.

Attach the chain to the collar.

9. Open two more jump rings and slide onto the other ends of the pieces of chain. Close one of the rings. For the other ring, slide the clasp onto the jump ring and then close the ring.

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Comments (2)

AndrewCampbell writes: I love seeing how people are able to come up with wonderful ways of creating their own jewellery. Some of them, like this button piece, could be compared to certain antique jewellery pieces even!
Posted: 10:42 pm on June 29th
susanstars writes: so pretty, Kayte! I love how luxurious and textured and easy-meets-fancy it is. I want to make one too :)
Posted: 3:30 pm on March 9th
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