Handmade recycled paper (part 1)

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fantazya Lucy Baribeau, member
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What you need:   1. A big container  2. Some paper for recycling  3. A frame with screen (no métal screen) 4. A frame (the interior must have the domension of your final papers, if you want to print on your papers with your domestic printer I suggest 7 x 10) 5. Some piece of fabric, a little bit more bigger than your paper size. Check the texture of those fabrics because your papers will have the same  6. Some pieces of wool 100%, a little bit bigger than your paper size  7. Guar gum, cornstarch, ou arrowroot  8. A hand mixer  9. A recipient for pouring  10. Optional: brillants, confettis, dried pieces of dried flower, or any decorations to put in your papers  11. A hard cylindric object  12. Photo at the bottom: 2 boards, a little bit more bigger than your papers
Rip your paper. You will need about a half of your recipient or a little bit more. Choose any paper you want, do your own experiences !
Add hot water just enough to cover your pieces of paper and add also about a little bit more than a teaspoon of guar gum, cornstarch, or arrowroot. This ingrédient will help your papers having body and not brooking when bended. But if you put too much of this ingredient, your papers make any only at their head !
Crush !

Handmade paper can be very useful for crafters like us. And you can make your paper for free. A good habit is to have a big box and amass different papers from letters, used colored envelopes, etc. (magazines makes grey papers)

Pattern or design used: My own design - Handmade paper like I do it !
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