Planet Purl Puts the World at Knitters' Fingertips

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Planet Purl has a passion and a sense of humor about all things knitting related.

Planet Purl has a passion and a sense of humor about all things knitting related.

Photo: Courtesy of Planet Purl

I recently had the chance to chat with Beth Moriarty, president of the visionary knitting website, Planet Purl. Here's what she had to say about her site, which serves knitters around the world in many different ways:

"We're not really on online store. We don't sell anything in the traditional sense. We are the world's largest online directory of yarn shops. We have over 10,000 shops in 40 countries so far and it grows every week." They launched their online community of knitters last month and that part of the site has really taken off. They are even hosting knitalongs featuring live chat with some of the knitting world's biggest designers on the site.

She went on to tell me about the origins of the crafty knitting community. "The idea for Planet Purl came about after I came back to knitting (after more than 30 years away) as a way to keep myself distracted while helping my mom through months of cancer treatment. My mother recovered, but I just kept knitting. I had fallen in love with yarn.

I was so much in love with knitting and fiber that yarn became my favorite souvenir when I traveled. After my mother recovered, I decided to start using my hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles to take some really amazing family trips. Problem was, I couldn't find a central place to find yarn shops in Paris, Florence, Venice, New York, London, Vienna, etc. And so was born the idea for Planet Purl," she explained.

In 2008, the former attorney closed her law practice to launch Planet Purl and to spend her days with, what she calls, "the happiest people on the planet—knitters and crocheters! So much more fun than talking to lawyers and judges all day."

It's a decision she hasn't once regretted. "The Internet makes it possible to bring people together from all over the world who share a love of knitting and crocheting. And not just with blogs, but with real-time communication. I'm really excited about the live chat rooms we'll have on our site and video chat is on the schedule for this year, making it possible to truly knit or crochet with new friends from around the globe just as if they were sitting across the table from you.

I've been really gratified by the support we've gotten from the industry as a whole. People I've met at conferences have been very excited about what we're doing. We've only been up for a few months, starting with just the yarn store search and 19 foreign language travel dictionaries sections of the site and we continue to add features to make Planet Purl the place for knitters and crocheters on the web.," she enthused.

Thanks, Beth!

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