Crocheted Tshirt Rag Rug

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Needs Blocking!

Needs Blocking!

What a cute idea!  I used up some of my daughter's old shirts... I have yet to block this, and so it's all curled up, but it came out really cute!

Pattern or design used: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts
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craftylpn writes: there are a couple of ways to block a project, For this project, I would use a white towel right after it washed and damp. Put it over the ironing board or table depending on how big the project is. use a warm iron or setting appropriate temp for material, lay out the project , check that each side is the same size, run iron over the material with or without steam. if yarn is used, no steam, material like a t shirt light steam should be ok. The idea is the dampness help to set the stitches so it will lay flat, maintain its shape. then let the project lay flat untill dry. You may need to place some thing to weigh down the corners(not paper books,they will damage the book) I also use a plastic peg board and use plastic golf tee's to peg the project ( cheap ,waterproof, won't bleed color to project) Any home improvement store carries it holes are 1 inch apart-a nateral ruler! They will ut to size 4 u
Posted: 4:16 pm on July 6th
biscuitmama writes: I'm super excited about this project, but don't know what 'block it' means. This original post doesn't refer to blocking but I assume that's because it's curling? How can you avoid that, or resolve it?

Posted: 12:53 am on September 10th
popoagie writes: Wow! It's been forever since I crocheted anything. I remember making rag rugs from old sheets in college. I would braid the strips and then zigzag them together. Crocheting seems like a much better idea. Freecycle is a great way to get the T-shirts. Thanks!

Can someone tell me how to block it once it's done?
Posted: 4:31 pm on September 7th
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