How to Monogram with Buttons

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Now my little pouch has big personality!
Sketch your design layout onto the piece with chalk.
Arrange the buttons as your layout on another surface.
Now my little pouch has big personality!

Now my little pouch has big personality!

Photo: Cal Patch

It's fun to personalize our plain possessions with initials, but traditional monograms aren't really my style. So in keeping with this month's theme, I thought I'd try using buttons in place of embroidery. A few months back, I made a simple denim pouch to keep my sewing shears in, which has proven useful. But I thought it could use a bit of flair. This is a quick and easy project that even kids could do, so grab your button jar and something that needs a little embellishment!

In addition to the item to be monogrammed and buttons (smaller buttons work best, although it depends on the scale of the project), you'll need some heavy-duty thread, a needle, tailor's chalk, and, of course, your scissors.

1. With tailor's chalk, draw your monogram (or simple design of your choosing) onto the piece.

Sketch your design layout onto the piece with chalk.

2. Lay out the buttons on another surface. Since you can't pin the buttons in place, arrange them as you like on a table or piece of paper. You might even want to use some double-stick tape if cats or young children are "helping." Pull them off one by one as you need them.

Arrange the buttons as your layout on another surface.

3. Thread your needle and knot both ends together for a double strand. Poke the needle at the top of your first letter, from the wrong side to the right side of the work (so the knot is on the back), and begin stitching the buttons over your drawn outline. Be careful to space them so they touch but don't overlap. Continue working until complete.

Begin sewing the buttons onto your design...

...and before you know it, you're nearly done!

This is a great way to customize gifts or distinguish multiple items that are the same (like cloth dinner napkins or goodie bags for a party). I have no doubt that you can think up infinite possibilities!

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Comments (3)

floresita writes: Beautiful! I love all the different buttons you used!
Posted: 2:18 pm on April 7th
csheffield writes: Love this idea! Can't wait to try it.
Posted: 11:10 am on March 18th
sewfunky writes: What a neat way of using up the buttons in the stash! :)
Posted: 6:48 pm on March 17th
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