How to Crochet a Flower, Part 1

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Heres the finished crochet flower. Leave a 6-inch tail and fasten off.
Start by working round 1 into the magic ring. Here Ive chained 2 and am about to hdc into the ring.
To make the first layer of petals, work the stitches of round 2 into the ch-2 spaces.
Heres the finished crochet flower. Leave a 6-inch tail and fasten off.

Here's the finished crochet flower. Leave a 6-inch tail and fasten off.

Photo: Linda Permann
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Next, you'll work the same stitches into each ch-2 space around to form the petals. Generally, when I am designing flowers, I like to go from a short stitch (like a sl st, sc, or hdc) to tall stitch (dc, tr) and back to short again in the same space.

Round 2: (Sl st, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sl st) in each ch-2 sp around, sl st in first sl st to join-6 petals.

To start off the bobble stitch, make one half-complete double crochet stitch.   Turn to work on the back side of the flower for the next step.

This next step is where it can get a little tricky. You're going to work the next round on the back side of the flower. Ch 1 to prepare. If you like, you can also fasten off the yarn from the first set of petals and change colors, which I did to more clearly illustrate the next steps. If changing colors, join the new color around any dc post from round 1.

To start off the bobble stitch, make one half-complete double crochet stitch.   On the back side of the flower, make a single crochet around the first double crochet from round 1.

Begin by bringing the hook under the post of the dc, yarn over, and draw a loop to the side of the post closest to you. Bring the hook over the dc post, yarn over, and draw the yarn through the 2 loops on your hook. Work round 3 into the dc posts of the first round.

Round 3: Ch 1, sc around first dc from round 1, ch 5, (sc around next dc from round 1, ch 5) 5 times, sl st in first sc to join-6 ch-6 loops.

To start off the bobble stitch, make one half-complete double crochet stitch.   Here I have completed one sc around the first dc from round 1, chained 5, and am about to complete the second sc (around the 2nd dc from round 1).

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Comments (35)

Gfcarrerav writes: You need to rewrite the instructions. They are very confusing. First of all, how do you create a magic ring? How many chains? Some of the instructions further down are also not clear. See comments from other readers
Posted: 11:41 am on January 26th
finchelicious writes: This is perfection!
Posted: 5:28 am on December 15th
greyparker writes: This is really beautiful :)
Posted: 7:08 am on September 12th
MiaQuinn writes: This flower looks simply perfect! I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, but I'll try anyways. Thanks for sharing it us!
Posted: 4:04 am on September 7th
JohnFinchley writes: Again, great tutorial. I have one minor advice - use less abbreviation (hdc,join-6 ch-2 sps) because many of the people here are still rookies.
Posted: 12:11 pm on August 13th
teariana writes: I made a lot of these for a head band and a hat adding more layers of petals by increasing the chains and etc. But what I really like about this sample is that she didn't really use a completely different color for the second layer mainly just a different type of yarn that has more of a sheen to it. Great effect!
Posted: 7:47 pm on August 7th
genalorainne writes: It doesn't look difficult at all and it seems really effective.
Posted: 3:49 pm on April 2nd
kingcole writes: Great braid work around the edge. I love how the texture changes. good effect!
Posted: 9:42 am on March 19th
E.J. writes: In your first paragraph, you mention the "magic ring". What is this and how do I make one?
Posted: 2:42 pm on March 8th
Criativa writes: obigada pelo tutorial. ;)
Posted: 12:04 pm on March 8th
NursePixie writes: Your instructions need to be re-written as the pattern is very confusing. For example, to start the second layer you say to single crochet around the double crochet posts from round one - half double stitches were made. And it says 'To make the second layer of petals, you'll work into the ch-5 loops you just created on the back side of the flower' and then ' Round 4: (Sl st, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sl st) in each CH 2 SP around, sl st in first sl st to join—6 petals.' There are ch 6 loops (as you call them at the end of round 3) not chain 5 or chain 2.
Consistency is needed.
Posted: 11:16 am on July 9th
EchoLin writes: it's profoundly difficult for me.
Posted: 2:05 am on March 26th
MockingJay writes: I think you should describe what a magis not is!
Posted: 10:23 pm on February 10th
elisasbits writes: Thanks so much for this tutorial and the cute flower pattern, had fun crocheting it, and it'll be a great embellishment on a baby's dress :)
Posted: 9:25 am on May 3rd
GingerB4 writes: What a cute flower...I was looking for a nice double tiered flower to put on a baby hat I made as a gift and this is perfect. Of course it looks nothing like yours...but I made it in Bernat's Pipsqueak, so it's very fluffy and large. It fills my hand.
Thanks for sharing a lovely pattern.
Posted: 12:43 am on May 2nd
LadybirdUK writes: Fantastic tutorial!!! so clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much i have been struggling with this type of flower for days. but with the help of your tut, made one in about 15 mins :)
Posted: 12:34 pm on August 15th
FloozyMoose writes: I love this flower, very simple and elegant in shiny sparkle yarn. Thank you.
Posted: 12:00 am on July 18th
pastormom writes: This is so sweet! I am your basic scarf crocheter. Have attempted nothing else, yet. However, my daughter will marry next year, and maybe I'll try my hand at this. She is talking about making origami flowers for decorations for the wedding, and perhaps some crocheted flowers would be lovely as well. We are on a limited budget, and I have quite a stash of yarn. I do wonder, does it matter the size of the yarn/hook?
Posted: 4:45 pm on November 5th
BCC writes: I Like to crochet but I'm not very good at it yet, I think I can make these cute flowers and impress my mom too.
Posted: 4:31 pm on November 5th
sophiecai writes: thanks....beautiful....i'd love to make one too
Posted: 10:56 am on February 15th
Cryscntrygrl writes: I get how to start at part one. But can you tell me how you do the magic ring? I am a little confused with that.
Thank you so much!
Posted: 3:27 pm on December 23rd
emmytoo writes: How do you make a magic ring ?
Posted: 10:27 pm on October 6th
LindaPermann writes: Kevynmadison- this means that the first ch-5 (chain 5) counts as a hdc (half double crochet) and ch-2 (chain 2). Then you are to (hdc, ch 2) five times into the ring. That will give you a total of 6 hdc (including that first chain that counted) and 6 ch-2 spaces. hope that helps!
Posted: 2:12 am on September 10th
kevynmadison writes: I'm still somewhat new to crocheting and how to accurately read the patterns. When you say "Ch 5 (counts as hdc, ch 2), (hdc, ch 2)", what does that mean? I'm confused as to what it is asking me to do. Thanks!
Posted: 12:57 am on September 1st
DrQuilter writes: Love it Linda! I've been looking for flowers to make my 5 year old a bolero or wrap with some yummy cotton yarn I bought a while ago.. how would you attach the flowers and shape them into something resembling a simple top for a girl?
Posted: 2:02 pm on July 21st
MOOONA writes: Thanks
The dream of my life..........Make the same

Posted: 7:38 am on May 31st
Carmen2 writes: Great project for beginers like myself, can't wait to make some pretty flowers :)
Posted: 3:39 am on May 21st
pef1996 writes: These flowers are cute! I made two of them.

Thanks for the tutorial, loved it!
Posted: 2:21 pm on April 29th
VictoriaNorth writes: Really nice job HoneyandDaisy. You should post your flower in the gallery as well so everyone can also see it here attached to the original project. Hopefully when I learn to crochet my flower will be here as well.
Posted: 10:26 pm on October 7th
LindaPermann writes: Thanks for posting your results, HoneyandDaisy--your flower looks great!
Posted: 11:42 am on October 7th
HoneyAndDaisy writes: Thank you so much for this great pattern! I love how it turned out. Mine doesn't look half as good as yours, but here's the link to it:
Thank you again!
Posted: 5:22 am on October 7th
ShiningStar writes: I have finally learn to crochet. I finished my first project a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm working on a basic flower. I can't wait to try this one.
Posted: 2:20 pm on September 17th
TwilaO writes: Thanks for the wonderful detailed instructions! I just recently started crocheting, and I successfully made a flower on only my second try! :)
Posted: 5:36 pm on August 4th
LindaPermann writes: Woolldayfelter--
Sure- hdc is a half double crochet. Ch-2 sp is the chain 2 space (from the previous round), and sl st is slip stitch.

Here is a link to standard crochet abbreviations, which I guess I should have posted sooner!:
Posted: 7:44 pm on July 25th
Woolladyfelter writes: I'm just learning and can you please tell me what "hdc" is? Also ch-2 sp (chain 2 ?)... sl st (? Stitch)... too much abbreviation for beginners. Thanks
Posted: 9:09 am on July 25th
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