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Make a Covered-Button Bracelet and Ring Set

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susanstars Susan Beal, contributor
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Make this simple, pretty set with a favorite small-print fabric. I used a Denyse Schmidt print from her Katie Jump Rope collection.
Taking the shanks off the button backs first makes the whole process much easier.
Use a print you especially like, or mix it up with a combination of patterns like a charm bracelet!
Make this simple, pretty set with a favorite small-print fabric. I used a Denyse Schmidt print from her Katie Jump Rope collection.

Make this simple, pretty set with a favorite small-print fabric. I used a Denyse Schmidt print from her Katie Jump Rope collection.

Photo: Susan Beal

I absolutely love covered buttons, and when I was thinking up new button projects for this month, I knew I wanted to make something fun with a handful of them. I thought I'd try using one of my favorite fabrics-a Denyse Schmidt print from her Katie Jump Rope collection-to decorate a simple bracelet and ring pairing. You can make your own version in any size or scale of covered buttons, using a favorite print or pattern.

What you'll need:

  • One bracelet blank (I got mine at
  • One ring blank (I got mine at
  • Covered-button kit-one button for each bracelet link, plus one for the ring (I used a total of seven in the 3/4-inch size)
  • Fabric remnant of your choice
  • Sharp scissors and pliers
  • Glue (I used Aleene's 7800 Platinum Bond)
  • Plain buttons, one for each bracelet link and one for the ring (more on this in step 2)
  Here's everything you'll need to make a bracelet and ring (plain buttons not pictured; I hadn't picked them out yet.)

1. Following the covered-button kit package directions and template, cut out the fabric circles for your buttons. Before making the covered buttons, use your pliers to remove the shank from each button backing. (You can also remove it after the buttons are finished, but I think it's easier to do it first.)

Taking the button backs' shanks off is easier to do before you create the covered buttons.

2. Create seven (or the number needed to make a bracelet and ring, one for each link) covered buttons, following the package directions. Now choose seven boring, plain sew-through buttons you will never use for another craft project that are smaller than the covered buttons-they should fit nicely into the back recess of the covered buttons to fill that empty space. Do not use cute, inspirational buttons for this step-these behind-the-scenes buttons should be workhorses, not ballerinas.

Choose boring sew-through buttons to glue into the backs of your covered buttons-make sure they fit neatly into the recess.

3. Apply a generous dab of glue right into the back of the first covered button and press a plain sew-through button into it. Repeat with the other six. Let them set until the glue is mostly or completely dry and the inner button is not easily moved.

Let the glue set before gluing the buttons onto the links and ring.

4. Once the glue is set, you'll use another generous dab of glue to attach one covered button to each link of the bracelet, and one to the ring blank. Let the glue set completely before wearing.

Let the bracelet and ring dry completely before wearing them.

Variation: I think this would be really cute with a mix of fabrics, like a colorful charm bracelet! Or coordinate it to another covered-button piece like Kayte Terry's super-pretty Covered-Button Cardigan.


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Comments (24)

Smishra writes: Thank you very much for your post !
Posted: 1:16 am on May 20th
ballidhoot52 writes: i Like it
Posted: 11:33 pm on July 26th
bradbates11 writes: nice rings & Bracelet too
Posted: 6:38 am on July 26th
lyunmoss writes: The pattern of your jewellery is very nice.
Posted: 5:22 am on July 26th
Nodan writes: I like the pattern of your jewelry. I think your jewelry are delicate and cute.
Posted: 2:47 am on January 31st
Craig27Jannie writes: Houses and cars are not cheap and not everyone is able to buy it. Nevertheless, credit loans are created to support people in such cases.
Posted: 9:23 pm on August 25th
ilerolb writes: I search both web sites couldnt not find:
# One bracelet blank (I got mine at
# One ring blank (I got mine at
please hlep got to make this for gifts girls week end
Posted: 6:55 pm on February 8th
ribbonhairbow writes: we have many kinds of fancy fabric covered buttons.
they are all very beautiful.
pls see the webiste:

Posted: 11:25 pm on May 14th
myraplace writes: Where can i buy the covered-button bracelet blank?
Where can i buy the ring set
Posted: 7:59 pm on February 27th
limonene writes: So cute! I love it!
Posted: 9:43 pm on December 9th
JacquelineLauraYoung writes: This is super great! I had never seen anything like this before and now I have something else I can do with scraps of materials. Even a necklace and earrings. Make a pendent or is it pendant and ring out of a printed fabric and the earrings and bracelet out of a matching color. Even make the beads you might want to use with the necklace in a matching color. Thanks
Posted: 6:33 pm on June 2nd
faithwooddesigns writes: love this! I can't wait to try it!
Posted: 6:09 pm on April 30th
luluzinha writes: wow i loved your ideas!!nice work!!:P
Posted: 6:23 am on April 30th
JennlovesSteve writes: this is so cute
i am going to look for the supplies tomorrow!
Posted: 10:50 pm on April 19th
susanstars writes: janaogletree, the only reason I added those extra buttons is that the covered ones have an empty space on the back instead of a flat surface. They'll glue fine (metal to metal is great) but creating flat backs with those glued-in buttons gives the covered buttons more total surface to join, instead of just the thin circle rim touching the bracelet links, so it's a sturdier piece.

You can make these without the extra step for sure, though!
Posted: 2:36 pm on March 31st
janaogletree writes: This looks great, but I have a question. Why do you glue the plastic buttons on first? Is there a problem with gluing metal to metal?
Posted: 9:43 pm on March 30th
beaderonboard writes: What a great idea.
I will give it a try soon.
Thanks for sharing.
Posted: 3:00 pm on March 22nd
lorrwill writes: Love this. I have many, many 30's reproduction quilting cotton scraps just waiting for a project like this.

oh - another source for the bracelet backs is Fire Mountain Gems:

I had seen them there but never thought to do something like this with them. Thanks for the awesome inspiration! Once I can get one made, I will post it in the gallery.
Posted: 3:07 pm on March 21st
susanstars writes: oops, a quick correction, the silver ring from metalliferous is #JF0682W, gold is the same product number but ends with Y instead of W.
Posted: 2:35 am on March 17th
susanstars writes: ok, I'm back with the specific product #s for the blank jewelry pieces I used...

the bracelet is from - product #18-201, it comes in gold or silver.

the ring is from - product #JF0682Y (page 105 in the downloadable catalog). It also comes in silver and in gold (#JF0682Y).

The prices vary by quantity but they are not expensive, they're base metal instead of sterling silver or gold-filled.

Hope that helps!
Posted: 2:26 am on March 17th
susanstars writes: thanks so much, Adele, Kayte + pattyannie!

pattyannie, I will look for direct links or product numbers for the exact ring and bracelet blanks I used and post those as soon as I have them. You can also find some good options at
Posted: 1:28 pm on March 15th
pattyannie writes: I love this piece , but I have to gone to the two sites you have to find the pieces to make it and can't seem to find them , even in their search of the site , what am I doing wrong , I would really love to make this
Posted: 1:10 pm on March 15th
Fiberfads writes: My goodness, I like this!

Adele from Fiberfads!
Posted: 10:07 am on March 15th
kaytet writes: super-cute susan!
and thanks for the shout-out!
Posted: 8:54 am on March 15th
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