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Jeff_Rudell Jeffery Rudell, contributor
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CraftStylish.com editor Michaela Murphy, sharing a cup of tea with the Kennedys.

CraftStylish.com editor Michaela Murphy, sharing a cup of tea with the Kennedys.

Photo: Gregg Snodgrass

Visitors to CraftStylish.com are familiar with our fantastic managing editor, Michaela Murphy. Members have been eagerly following her prolific posts (nearly 150 and counting) since last summer and she's shown herself to be a crafter of incredible breadth and scope. Beyond her day job as CraftStylish's nuanced and insightful editor, she's also managed to become a fixture on the current craft landscape, as comfortable collaborating with other major craft players (Etsy.com, Lion Brand Yarn) as she is speaking to manufacturers about craft trends or knitting with neighborhood stitch-clubs from Portland to Rhode Island.

I, however, belong to a select (and fortunate) group of people who know Michaela as an award-winning storyteller whose spoken-word narratives have been a sensation on the New York City storytelling scene for years (and yes, there really is such a thing as a "storytelling scene" in New York...and LA...and Seattle). If you've missed hearing her stories on National Public Radio, today is your lucky day.

Beginning today, The Moth (one of the oldest and most prestigious storytelling organizations in America) is featuring an online audio podcast of Michaela telling one of her finest stories. Social inferiority, tragedy-at-sea, fierce Irish pride, voyeurism, and a missing prosthesis never sounded funnier or more touching. Once you give it a listen, I suspect you'll agree that "storyteller" needs to be added to the long list of "crafts" she's mastered.

HOW TO HEAR THE STORY: Put down that pint of stout and wander over to www.themoth.org (click "podcast") or visit the podcast directory in iTunes and check out Michaela Murphy telling her story "Eye Spy." If you happen to be in the metropolitan New York area, you can also catch Michaela telling a story live at The Liar Show, this Wednesday, March 18th.

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annquill writes: Eye Spy is such a great story! I'm still chuckling about it and looking forward to hearing more, Michaela.
Posted: 8:38 pm on March 27th
Jeff_Rudell writes: For those who missed her performance at the Liar's Show last night, all I can tell you is it began with, "In 2004 I agreed to play Prospero in a Balinese production of the Tempest at the La Mama experimental theater in New York City." Highlights included: rescuing an elderly woman from a subway platform, a harrowing taxi ride to Bedford-Stuyvesant, comments on familial duty as it relates to picking up ones parents at an airport, a blind date, and the kindness of strangers. Other characters included a Haitian cab driver, a Barbadian immigrant, 40 Balinese dancers and a full Gamalon orchestra. Four and a half minutes after she began her tale, it ended with, "I glanced in the mirror and realized, in horror, that I was covered in blood from head to toe." I'm not kidding when I say it was a bravura performance that left the audience amazed (and applauding for more.) Our editor is a star!
Posted: 11:23 am on March 19th
LindaPermann writes: i finally had a chance to listen--great job, michaela! can't wait to read your memoirs :)
Posted: 2:58 am on March 19th
dany4bec writes: Thank God for Columbo and Sandy Duncan! I hate surprises!
Posted: 12:05 am on March 19th
Katherine_Kestwick writes: How wonderful to have found this site and be introduced to such an amazing podcast! I sat there knitting as I listened but I started to laugh and had to put my needles down LOL! I agree, what a special gift, I felt like I was right there on that beach:) Congrats to you Ms Murphy, I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to more knitting and stories
Posted: 2:02 am on March 17th
Jen_W writes: I can't wait to hear and read more. This was such an amazing story to begin with and I was completely transported by your storytelling.
Posted: 10:55 pm on March 16th
JenniferStern writes: Michaela, I loved your story...thanks for sharing. (I wish my childhood was half as entertaining!) Congratulations
Posted: 10:51 pm on March 16th
susanstars writes: Hooray, Michaela! Congratulations!!

I'm saving your wonderful story for first thing tomorrow to celebrate St. Patrick's Day :)
Posted: 10:38 pm on March 16th
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