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Green Buying Guide

Naturally Beautiful Paper

comments (2) March 30th, 2009     

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CraftStylish_Editors CraftStylish Editors, contributor
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The idea of making paper without wood is hard to imagine, but Eco-Friendly Papers innovatively uses cotton rags and natural flowers to create their elegant papers. Committed to preserving nature and supporting local craftsmen, all products are handmade by local craftsman in India. The papers are 22” x 30” and come in various colors and designs.  The floral papers are especially beautiful! The Maple Leaf Imprint paper is one of our faves. This Indian company donates 1% of the money made from international orders to a girl’s orphanage in Jaipur City, India.

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Comments (2)

AKUA writes: I was taken aback by editor's comments. Paper, invented/discovered thousands of years ago was not made from trees, but from other plant sources. High end
commercial and hand papermakers have been using cotton, linen and flowers
for decades!
Posted: 2:20 pm on April 25th
jessajune writes: Actually, paper has been made from rags and cotton fibers for hundreds of years (wood became more common because of ready supply and cheapness) - so "innovatively" might not be the right description. "Cleverly"or "beautifully" would be good substitutes!
Posted: 9:38 pm on April 15th
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