Fabric Flower Corsage

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I made this fabric flower corsage just before Valentine's Day because I wanted something a bit romantic--but not sappy sweet--to wear out. It was inspired by the amazing flowers created by the company Emerson Made, although it wasn't an attempt to mimic their designs (they create fabric flowers in a different way and their work is far more beautiful than mine).

Each flower is made by cutting two squares of scrap fabric (about 3 inches square). Place them right sides together and then sew three of the sides shut. Turn the square right side out, then sew the fourth side shut.

Now pull up on the two flat sides of the square and twist in opposite directions until you've created what looks like a rose. Sew through all the layers a few times with needle and thread to hold the flower in place.

Make several flowers (you can make them of varying sizes by adjusting the size of the square). When you have enough to make the size of corsage you would like, cut a piece of wool felt in the shape you'd like the corsage to be.

Either sew or hot glue gun the flowers to the felt. Add a bar pin back to the back of the felt using a hot glue gun. Depending on the size of your corsage, you might need to add two pin backs. 

I often wear this pinned to my tan-colored raincoat.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Megan Cooley
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Robinbird writes: Adorable! Do you sell these?
Posted: 8:10 am on July 9th
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