Crafting with a Passion: What is Yours?

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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This marvel of paper was created with passion by paper crafts blogger Jeffery Rudell for the opening of the movie Marie Antointette.

This marvel of paper was created with passion by paper crafts blogger Jeffery Rudell for the opening of the movie' Marie Antointette.'

Photo: Jeffery Rudell

Last year my boyfriend came home after spending the day in Seattle helping a friend with construction.  He had on this incredibly ratty sweater. It was absolutely dreadful and he looked like he was neglected and full of woe. I stared at it incredulous ( I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that) and suggested that maybe it was time to retire the thing.  He looked at me stricken, he had had this sweater for  many years and was reluctant to part with it.  At first I thought it was a guy thing but then I realized that this piece of clothing held memories for him and so I offered to try and resurrect it a bit and hopefully extend it's life (although, I secretly felt that the ship had sailed on that front.)  He shrugged (thinking it a girl thing) and said 'sure.'

So I spent the whole weekend knitting up all of these multi-colored striped swatches to use as patches and then wove them into all of the gaping holes.  I was very surprised to find that they actually looked kind of great and that maybe I had underestimated the possibility of saving it.  He wore the sweater soon after that and when he came home he told me that several people had commented on it and that one woman had stopped him on the street to tell him that the sweater looked like someone loved him very much.

This is what I love about crafting, that whether it is a masterpiece of technique and form or just a simple little fixer upper, you can see the love and effort that was put into it.  This month Craftstylish is exploring our passion to craft.  Perhaps your desire is to realize with bits of yarn the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel, or maybe your ambitions are more humble but each desire shares the same source: to create.

Why do you love to craft?  What is it that compels you to try something new?   What makes your jaw drop and inspires you to imagine that you can make that too (or at least try)?

Be it simple or incredibly complex, a passionately created project shouts out to the world ' I am amazing!'


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Comments (3)

MsKirko writes: My passion to create comes from a deep-seated need to produce tangible objects. I love seeing a beautiful piece of fabric or garment develop from one long piece of string in knitting and crochet. The ability to create something useful from something insignificant has always fascinated me.

I love crafts that are useful. I love creating clothes that are wearable, functional, and beautiful by crocheting, knitting, or sewing. I love creating something someone can use, like a bag or a notebook. I love inventing useful items with pockets for everything. And I love the idea of taking the fiber of an animal or plant and turning it into yarn, then to a fabric, and, finally a useful item. Nothing is more satisfying.
Posted: 1:41 pm on July 3rd
Laurel_Tuohy writes: Like MaeveQ, I am now dying to see a picture of this "restyled" sweater - What a sweet story to kick off Crafting Passion month!
Posted: 9:25 am on June 30th
MaeveQ writes: I'd like to see that sweater.
I too love to make things and am constantly taking a new class and building up my skill set. But I think that my first love will always be for knitting. I remember my grandmother patiently teaching me how to knit a stockinette stitch and the pride I felt watching my first scarf grow row by row. It seems that my closet friends share my love of making things and we often get together and sit in one or the others living room and stitch, embroider, or crochet and talk about our lives, share patterns and techniques (or cool crafting sites!)
My passion for crafting stems from how much it enriches my life!
Posted: 8:50 am on June 30th
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