My Kitchen Cabinet Beauty !

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Maureclaire Maureclaire, member
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 Thanks Jeffery !!!

 Thanks Jeffery !!!

  Added a couple doo dads to Jeffery's design, at the top and bottom... and put it on my kitchen cabinet... only spot left to put anything !

Pattern or design used: Wall to Wall Paper
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JohnWLennon writes: Hello, My name is Karen,

I'm writing to you with a request for a fabric donation. Two years ago I was diagnosed with fibromayalgia and since have developed osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. I am no longer able to work and am considered disabled at this point and I continue create crafts to help support my needs.

I have NO health insurance and my doctor visits and medications cost come to approximately $500 a month. I am able to create small items such as baby quilts, pincushions, pot holders, coasters, and baby shoes from small amounts of fabric that my friends have given me. I then participate in craft fairs, cabin fever events, and fairs to supplement my income for my medical needs.

I would be happy with ANY donation you would be able to contribute to me down to a 2" block. I'm not requesting yards or bolts of fabric. I would be happy with a fat quarter or whatever you can spare. My mailing address will follow and my phone number (should you want to call to verify that this is NOT a hoax). I mainly work with cotton, linen, felt, flannel and vintage fabric, however prefer cotton. Your company information will be advertised on a placard that will be inside my booth at any show I do. I am in great need for felt of all colors. With Spring and Summer show registrations beginning, I’m
stock piling my inventory and need any donations I can get. I’m signed up for 3 summer shows so far. I also have a need for buttons.

I also make and donate burp cloths and receiving blankets for the local hospitals neonatal ward.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless You.

Karen Augustsson
341A Fieldpointe Blvd
Frederick, MD. 21701
Phone: 240 422 6531

Posted: 6:18 pm on March 29th
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